York fashion store will close permanently at the end of trading today

A FASHION store in York city center is due to close permanently when trading ends this afternoon.

Signs in the windows of Le Bon Marché in Goodramgate say it is the “last day” of a long closing sale, which started in February.

Other signs read: ‘This store will close on Saturday 4th June at 5.00pm… This is not a goodbye… your nearest Bob Marché store is: Selby, 44 Gowthorpe.’

The store has closed several times in recent years, but always seemed to earn a reprieve – until now.

In 2019, signs displayed in its windows for several months proclaimed: “Closing of the sale… everything must go”.

It then closed in March 2020 as part of the nationwide lockdown imposed to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

In June 2020, The Press reported that it was saved from the ax after its initial closure after the retailer fell into administration.

It then reopened following the government’s decision to allow non-essential shops to reopen and a member of staff said the shop now remains open.

In November 2020, signs again appeared in shop windows stating: “Sale closed”. However, a member of staff said the store was only closing for another lockdown and would reopen when it was lifted again, and it did.

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