Wild Capture and The Immersive KIND collaborate on London Fashion Week 2022

wild capturetechnology and services company for the creation of the digital human, is pleased to announce its partnership with The Immersive KIND NFT Gallery and 3D Fashion Housea multidisciplinary collective exploring tomorrow through creative technology, London Fashion Week 2022.

Wild Capture was leveraged by Kadine James, Global Metaverse Strategist at Accenture and CEO and Founder of The Immersive KIND, to produce bespoke digital human performance models specifically for artists Tetiana Rozmoritsa, Yashvanth Kumarand Aya Skikh whose creations will be included in the various experiential events of the collective during the fair.

According to James, the collaboration with Wild Capture supports a metaverse fashion experience that reflects the future of the fashion industry. Hosted on Spatial As a virtual global event, The Immersive KIND event space will go live on Wednesday, September 21 and will remain on display until September 28, 2022. The experience aims to bring together designers, artists, musicians, DJs and innovators around the world. to celebrate the explosion of creativity taking place in London in true Web 3.0 style. (To note: Wild Capture digital human performance videos can be viewed at The KIND Metaverse Immersive Place throughout the event.)

The next generation of Wild Capture Digital Human Platform enables artists and creators to produce high-quality digital humans with state-of-the-art volumetric video technologies. For The Immersive KIND, Wild Capture imported the artist’s clothing designs into their Cohort mode (Cohort) tool that combines volumetric video, AI and USD technologies to capture live human performance from multiple angles simultaneously. The Cohort pipeline creates custom, computer-generated realistic physics and texture on three-dimensional digital human characters for each virtual artist that will be screened for display at the event.

Video source: Watch the Wild Capture video on Vimeo here.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Immersive KIND to bring digital human fashion performance technology to London Fashion Week that bridges the imagination gap between digital humans and fashion,” said Will Driscoll, CEO of Wild Capture. “Our Cohort immersive fashion tools ignite creativity, save time and money with software for the metaverse, fashion, and e-commerce.”

“It was a pleasure to partner with Wild Capture to bring London Fashion Week audiences a unique immersive experience and live display with their digital humans,” says James. “Wild Capture’s digital fashion technology has allowed us to elevate our collective creative vision by showcasing 3D human likeness and digital fashion in new and powerful ways.”

About The Immersive KIND
The immersive genre is a multi-faceted cutting-edge art and technology collective merging into an extended reality creative studio, a 24/7 global online community, and an open digital fashion and arts platform immersive. It is made up of a multidisciplinary and expansive team of architects, artists, creative technologists, neuroscientists, artificial intelligence engineers and data scientists.

We provide opportunities for collaboration with XR studio and access to emerging artists pioneering advanced technology tools. We work to rethink and inspire inclusive and 21st century approaches and solutions to the digitalization of society.

About wild capture
Based in Los Angeles, wild capture develops smart assets for the next generation of spatial media products that enable creators to produce high-quality digital humans with state-of-the-art volumetric technologies and industry-standard practices. wild capture ‘Digital Human Platform’ offers a complete production pipeline that translates the human essence into volumetric video with the highest quality performance captures available to shatter the strange vale.

Launched in 2020 by filmmakers and visual effects visionaries recognized for pushing the evolution of new media productions over two decades, Wild Capture provides performance capture expertise at every stage of the creative process. From interactive CG fashion products and services to volumetric crowd kits, Wild Capture content inspires and engages realistic digital humans for use in multimedia production, software development and web applications.

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