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Written by Lu Pan, Photos by Lu Pan

Have you ever wondered why students in certain disciplines dress in a certain way or what has influenced the clothing choices of a particular student? Have you ever had the courage to ask?

Asking such personal questions of a complete stranger is not for everyone; it can be nerve-racking and uncomfortable. We totally understood it! That’s why we’ve asked these questions for you, so you can uncover the reasons for your peers’ style choices without going through all the awkwardness. You’re welcome.

It goes without saying that SCAD welcomes a very diverse, inclusive and creative student community. As we attend our classes and explore the city of Savannah, it’s clear that this creativity extends beyond the classroom and into student closets. Just as the work we do in our SCAD classrooms is a form of self-expression, for many of us so are our fashion and accessory choices. The things we wear in class can tell a story about our past, our values, and the things that make us happy.

Here, we feature six SCAD students with unique creative backgrounds as they share how they choose what to wear to class.

Molly Polehna (Michigan, United States)
Pronouns: She / She
Major: BFA Interior Design
Minor: Thematic Entertainment Design and Design for Sustainability
Planned graduation year: 2022
Follow Polehna on Instagram: @beeanartist

Polehna uses fashion to prepare her career: “I should dress as professionally as possible. This is what I want to communicate in my design and when I present. This is how I want to be seen: a professional, nothing less.

Gracie Smith wearing white shirt and colorful wide leg pants

Gracie Smith (Ga., United States)
Pronouns: She / She
Major: BFA Graphic Design
Planned graduation year: 2023
Follow Smith on Instagram: @graciesmithdesign

“As a graphic designer, I’m always immediately drawn to patterns, shapes and colors,” Smith said. According to Smith, she loves to dress up in something fun and loud to celebrate the end of the work week: “I like to congratulate myself and give myself a pat on the back.”

Murtadha Sami wearing black boots and pants with a white collar shirt

Murtadha Sami (Saudi Arabia)
Pronouns: He / Him
Major: BFA Interior Design
Planned graduation year: 2021
Follow Sami on Instagram: @murtadhasamidesign

Sami chooses his outfit to reflect how he feels, but always wears something from his collection of hats and glasses to reflect his identity and personality: “I feel like this today, I want to dress like this. . I don’t always dress formally, there is always a twist, like a signature that is personal.

Shreya Dhar wearing a blue jacket with shorts holding a matching purse

Shreya Dhar (India)
Pronouns: She / She
Major: BFA Fashion Design
Planned graduation year: 2023
Follow Dhar on Instagram: @ shreya.dhar23

“My style varies from day to day, from mood to mood. I haven’t really found my style yet, I’m still exploring. Because I am in the fashion industry there are a lot of areas to explore. For now though, Dhar’s go-to outfit is simple with a pop of color.

Turtle Solomon wearing tall boots, yellow shirt and checkered shorts

Turtle Solomon (Illinois, United States)
Pronouns: He / He
Major: BFA Sequential Art
Minor: Production design
Planned graduation year: 2024
Follow Salomon on Instagram: @tunateef

Someone once told Solomon that his aesthetic and fashion energy was a cross between Monster Energy drink and Hello Kitty, “It’s a bit of everything. The best way to describe it in technical terms is alternative fashion, a bit inspired by deco fashion, ”he said. “I like a lot of things and a lot of colors. I love color too much, so it just evolved into what it is now.

Vanessa Reilly wears white shorts and a blue Fleetwood Mac shirt

Vanessa Reilly (Cali., United States)
Pronouns: She / She
Major: MFA Accessory Design
Minor: Production design
Planned graduation year: 2022
Follow Reilly on Instagram: @vnreilly

Reilly’s fashion choices reflect how she felt that day: “Style has always been a way of expressing myself, and something that I don’t necessarily feel like I have to say out loud. I have to choose my outfit the same day because it absolutely depends on my mood.

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