UW’s Latham and Hoffman cling to average goats


CASPER – It’ll be three anxious days for University of Wyoming rodeo teammates Taylor latham and Hoffmann faith.

The UW teammates both had decent goat tied for third races on Tuesday night at the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper to place themselves in the middle at the start of the third round. Now they have to wait and watch how the remaining peloton fares over the next three nightly performances to see if they win any short-circuit offers on Saturday night.

Only the top 12 scores / times of the week advance to the final round which determines the individual event champions.

Hoffman and Latham, who ran 1-2 while tying goats in the Central Rocky Mountain area last season, were essentially mirror images in their three race times.

Latham, a junior from Roosevelt, Utah, stopped the clock in 7.2 seconds, her best score of the week, giving her a cumulative time of 23.6. Just behind with a 23.8 is Hoffman. The senior from Kiowa, Colo., Registered an 8.1 in her final run.

“I drew a really good goat, and I should have been 5 (seconds) on it, but I kind of rushed and messed up a bit,” Latham said. “Every time I’ve been here I’ve been relaxed so it’s really tough. I’ve always been up on Thursday or Friday night, knowing where I needed to be. Now I have to play the wait game to see if it works for me from now on.

Latham is currently seventh in the average at the start of the third round, while Hoffman is 10th.

UW senior Brandy schaack saw his dream season end without even throwing his rope in a lasso breakaway. The Hyannis, Neb., Cowgirl – who earlier in the morning won the second round to score 80 points for the UW women – clearly snapped towards her calf. However, his horse broke on the left and the calf broke on the right, leaving Schaack to overpower his horse without attempting to throw.

Schaack was the regional breakaway champion last season and entered the CNFR with the second most points in the country.

In the same case, Wilson Hailey Hardeman finished her first CNFR appearance with a successful time of 3.7 seconds and was good on two of three runs in her debut season. Hardeman was not on the UW women’s four-point squad, but she advanced to the collegiate final placing third in the region.

The only UW Cowboy to compete in Tuesday’s performance was Chadron coffield, who finished his third rope descent with a time of 11.2 seconds. He finished the week in this event with two out of three calves for a cumulative time of 21.8.

The Yuma, Colo., Junior returns today (Wednesday) for his third steer wrestling race.

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