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The Turkish textile industry wants to attract the “eyes” of the world.

The Istanbul Textile and Commodity Exporters Association (İTHİB), the flagship institution of the Turkish textile industry, organized the “i of the World” exhibition, which will be held at the InterContinental New Hotel York Barclay on July 20 and 21. At this event, 33 leading Turkish companies under its umbrella will present their unique collections to the entire fashion industry.

Need me from the world

Exporters Associations have served in the various sectors and provinces of Turkey since 1937 and contribute to economic development by increasing, supporting and coordinating exports.

The “i of the World” exhibition will allow Turkish companies to attract global clothing brands looking for high-quality products with rapid supply, affordable prices and market diversification. Turkish textile manufacturers specialize in a wide range of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, laces and prints all in one platform.

“As more and more apparel brands in the United States look to diversify within the supply chain, Turkiye will be one of the best options due to its price-quality balance, speed of service , its design and production capacity,” said Ahmet Öksüz, Chairman of İTHİB. “I of the World promises to establish strong collaborations between the US market and the Turkish textile industry.”

Climb the ladder of success

Being a vertical sourcing region in a sustainable and ethical format has made Turkey an attractive alternative for the fashion industry, where there is a global need for apparel companies to broaden their horizons and to find various regions in their supply needs.

In fact, the Turkish textile industry has climbed the ladder of success in recent years. Turkiye has become the fifth largest textile supplier in the rankings. In 2021, Turkey increased its share of world textile exports from 2.8 to 3.6%. At the same time, foreign trade between Turkey and the United States – Turkey’s third largest export market in the textile industry – has increased.

“According to international trade data, Turkiye is the eighth largest textile supplier to the United States with a 2.6% share and supplies about $1 billion worth of textiles,” Öksüz added. “We believe the process will continue in 2022 as the Turkish and US economies complement each other, providing a great example of a win-win model.”

On the other hand, as the world’s fifth largest supplier to the textile industry, the Turkish textile industry has made remarkable steps towards more sustainability.

“We are taking firm measures to ensure a high level of adaptation to the action plan for the circular economy. Our crucial objectives are to reduce water and energy consumption, to increase the energy efficiency of sources energy sources, create and maintain a sustainable and zero-waste supply chain organization,” added Öksüz. “Turkish Textile stands out as the first industry to announce the Turkey Sustainability Action Plan to achieve sustainability and a decarbonized future. A few years ago, durability was a good thing, but today it’s a must.

For more information on the exhibition “I of the world”, Click here.

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