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Now that it has been put into action, the integration platform developed by Whale Cloud to bring together vendor applications for TaFF events has increased efficiency and minimized human error in data collection, said Ms Wong. . “It consolidates information on a single platform, making it easily accessible. It also gives TaFF insight into the bidding process for each event, so we can follow up effectively with the respective brands.

“The platform is helping solve some of the immediate challenges we have,” she added. “The goal is to improve and grow the platform, so that it can integrate other similar onboarding open call events.” TaFF used integration platform to collect applications for their events – participants include suppliers from the fashion and textile industry.

According to Mr. Liu, the platform offers worry-free scalability and maintenance. “Minimum human intervention helps companies focus on business development and improving the customer experience. The solution can be easily duplicated in any other industry considering extending sales channels to e-commerce, as the first step on the roadmap to fully digitized operations. »

He pointed out that data collected on the platform can be analyzed by Whale Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and become part of a company’s intangible assets. Thanks to the information gathered, decision-makers can better position their companies and make more effective decisions in the short and long term.

“This is a constant and continuous process, as AI algorithms are constantly evolving,” Liu added. “Ultimately, TaFF and others in the fashion industry will benefit from this solution and gain a competitive advantage over their peers. We from Whale Cloud intend to leverage the experience gained through mature solutions to help our customers reduce their capital expenditure.We have gained great understanding working with the fashion industry, so the marginal costs will decrease when we replicate the solution in similar industries abroad.

Using its new platform, TaFF intends to organize several pop-up events for local brands in Singapore this year. Shoppers who want to support local businesses can follow TaFF on Instagram for updates.

TaFF plans to continue working with Whale Cloud to add features to the platform, such as payment and onboarding for more accurate insights and community engagement analysis. The added functionality will provide greater flexibility to a wider user base as TaFF seeks to expand adoption of this solution to benefit more fashion brands that organize and attend trade events.

TaFF is also exploring other areas of partnership with Whale Cloud, demonstrating how prototypes can transition naturally to commercialization as solution providers address real business needs on OIP.

“Digital transformation is a process, not an end goal,” said Ms. Wong, who felt that the OIP was an eye-opening experience that showed TaFF the limitless possibilities of digital solutions. “With technology changing rapidly, there are always new solutions and the digital challenges businesses face can also change over time. It’s important to be clear about the pain points and target the solutions to fix them, then work on developing the solution to improve it as you go.

Associations and industry leaders can champion their industry’s digitization efforts by hosting innovation challenges on the Open Innovation Platform to crowdsource for innovative solutions for their sector.

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