Tove Wear opens store in Burlington

Vermont Business Magazine Tove Wear was created in 2017 and is built around an innovative wrap-around denim skirt dubbed “The Maker Skirt”. Designed locally by Tove Ohlander, owner of a glass factory at AO Glass who wanted workwear for women with personality, these skirts jumped into an already booming movement: women do stuff and / or do the difference. Tove is now opening a retail store in the South Burlington neighborhood.

“At first, my influences were influenced by brands like Dovetail Workwear, Toad & Co and of course Patagonia,” says Tove Ohlander, founder of Tove Wear. “Vermont has a lot of great brands of outerwear, and a natural next step is to market all the hard-working women in our state who don’t have a work wardrobe in a suit, and I loves being at the forefront of It. I have confidence in our supplier, which is a social enterprise in Bangalore, India. We have embraced their GOTS certified ecosystem of farms, factories and fabrics from the start and Fair Trade, and now we can bring our innovative and sustainable clothing to anyone, everywhere. “

With an online store and larger retailer in Manhattan, The Canvas by Querencia, and smaller stores like Woody’s in Woodstock, Rebel Heart in Montpellier and In 2 Green in Hastings and Hudson, this fall marks the opening of the first store. permanent Tove Wear. in Burlington. Located near the entrance to AO Glass in Burlington’s South End Arts District, it stands out as a clothing retail location: it has a factory workshop backdrop.

Tove said: “What is important is that with our supply chain we are addressing 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and we are a registered partner on UN Partnerships for the SDG platform, via The Canvas in New York. “We aim to work with organizations to promote equality. Right now you can find the #Equal Pay t-shirt in our store and help the BHS Girls football team raise money for access to girls to sport and to close the pay gap. ”Today the color behind the Tove Wear logo is the same red as the Goal no. 5, Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

One of the reasons Tove Wear and AO Glass were able to open a store on the Pine Street site is because they hired Sarah Dowey as their director of marketing and sales. Sarah graduated in 2021 from the MBA in Sustainable Innovation from the University of Vermont, where she majored in authentic marketing and circular clothing. Tove says “She’s already done so much for our team in just a few weeks of working with us, and we hope you’ll take a minute to talk to her when you stop to check on the skirts and aprons!”

Partnerships for the SDGs: The Partnerships for the SDGs online platform is the United Nations’ global registry of voluntary commitments and multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Partnerships for SDGs platform also facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise between multi-stakeholder partnerships and voluntary commitments related to the SDGs, and to provide periodic updates on their progress.

The Canvas by Querencia: The Canvas community of over 200 fashion brands is integrated with a central operating system, a fully developed software platform designed to organize inventory, facilitate collaboration and streamline communication. It is a system for fashion and retail, but it serves as an essential framework for a problem-solving mechanism within an interconnected group of companies working to achieve the SDGs. Many collaborative initiatives have started within The Canvas community thanks to existing platforms. This new software also enables efficiency in the fields of international cooperation. Each brand meets several sustainable development objectives, which it details for approval under The Canvas platform.

Tove Wear is located at 416 Pine St. Burlington VT.

Source: Burlington VT November 2021 Tove Wear

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