The best backpacks in India are durable and versatile

Backpack: The usefulness of this stylish accessory is endless.

Over the past few years, backpacks have become very popular and are frequently seen all around us. The traditional canvas satchels have almost disappeared and in their place, we only see backpacks in sunny and bright colors, made of synthetic material. These bags are also popular with college kids as they can hold a few books, a cell phone, a water bottle maybe, a pair of headphones or earbuds, their wallet or purse while still having the looks cool and trendy. It’s also a popular choice for desktop enthusiasts – laptop, charging cable, cell phone charger, diary, water bottle, maybe some dry snacks too – can easily fit in there. Plus, for women with style, these are cool fashion accessories – so toss the handbag and go for the trendy handbag.

If you’re looking for options, online platforms such as Amazon are a good place to start. We have selected some of the best ones that target a decent age group and can serve different purposes. Check them.

Lenovo 39.63 cm (15.6″) Executive Red Backpack

This backpack allows for uncompromising storage and can also be used as a travel bag. It has a minimalist and robust design and is aimed at students and professionals. It comes with a large amount of storage and protects laptops up to 15.6 inches. It is made from durable, water-resistant material and can be used for any activity. It is ventilated and comes with a well padded back panel for extra breathability.

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Lenovo 39.63cm (15.6″) Red Backpack,Made in India, water resistant, storage without compromise,Vented and well-padded back panel with luggage strap,Adjustable padded shoulder straps




Fully waterproof DSLR backpack

Among the professionals who need to use a backpack intensively are photographers. Few other professionals need to carry as much gear as they do. Hence the need for a dedicated backpack. This one is for those with a DSLR camera. This is a lightweight camera case, designed to protect your camera in all kinds of situations. It is made from good quality nylon and polyester and helps to protect your camera and accessories in the rainy season.

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Fully Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack, Lens Accessories Carrying Case for All DSLR Cameras – Made in India




best school bag for kids

This cute backpack is for kids – toddlers and 3-5 year old boys and girls. It is non-toxic and was made from soft and good quality fabric. It is washable and features animal cartoons and is very cuddly. It can be used in different ways – children’s school bag, travel bag, carry bag or picnic bag. It is an attractive bag and gives you a good feeling all the time. It comes in eight different colors and cartoon characters like Panda from Kung Fu Panda, Minnie mouse, Mickey mouse and Hello Kitty to name a few.

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Best School Bag for Toddler Boys Girls 3-5 Years Old Cartoon and Animal Backpack Kids Bag. Made in India (Pikachu school bag)




Dhurrie Blue Boho Girl Backpack

This trendy casual backpack is what all teenage girls will love. It can also be abused as it is made from dhurrie material (thick cotton carpet of Indian origin). You can use it as a college, school or travel bag with great ease. It has ample space and comes with double straps, which makes it strong and durable. Although it has a front pocket, it is basically a single compartment backpack with a zipper.

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Dhurrie Blue Boho Girl Backpack | Girls Backpack | Girls University Bags | School bags for girls | Girls Travel Backpack | Made in India backpacks for girls | Set of 1 backpack




Mirza Fashion Store Casual Backpacks for Women and Girls

This one is for the fashionista in you. It’s super cool and super stylish. It is made from good quality PU leather and has soft polyester lining inside. It is effective in protecting all your belongings from dirt, bumps, scratches, accidental knocks or drops, etc. It comes in a solid color which makes it ideal and easy to match with all kinds of clothes and suitable for all occasions.

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Mirza fashion store Casual backpacks for women and girls (Small 15-L)




Backpack prices at a glance:

Product Price
Lenovo 39.63 cm (15.6″) Executive Red Backpack 999.00
Fully waterproof DSLR backpack 840.00
best school bag for kids 229.00
Dhurrie Blue Boho Girl Backpack 615.00
Mirza Fashion Store Casual Backpacks for Women and Girls 299.00

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