Svante teams up with Nykaa Fashion’s Groot

Svante, a women-led, nanotech-based sustainable solutions start-up, has teamed up with Gloot by Nykaa Fashion for their new men’s intimate apparel collection, launching this summer.

To enhance functionality, Svante will coat Gloot intimate apparel with a skin-protecting antimicrobial coating.

Svante is a manufacturing lab that offers holistic solutions to process intimate apparel, activewear, sleepwear, basic toiletries and linens.

In a statement, Svante said this is the first time in India’s history that a breakthrough herbal antibacterial skin treatment for intimate apparel has been implemented. This finish helps Gloot’s menswear line stand out and provide value to customers while setting a new trend.

He further added that this plant-derived finish keeps underwear fresh longer, provides antibacterial benefits to the wearer, reduces the need for scratching and itching, and keeps the genital area hydrated and hydrated.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to give a long-term solution to a widespread problem,” said Isha Aggarwal, co-founder of Svante.

Svante said he has invested 2 years to develop this patented technology, which competes with chemical and metallic based finishes and is Made in india in collaboration with the Vellore Institute of Technology.

Isha Aggarwal, a graduate in entrepreneurship from UC Berkeley, and Kavya Bhupal, a graduate of the NIFT in fashion management, teamed up with Professor Arun Kumar Palaniappan of the Vellore Institute of Technology and created this product versatile enough to be sprayed directly on clothes. by consumers and retailers on Amazon as well.

“The dream was to create a product that was easy to apply and solved the main skin problems while being natural and long-lasting”, quotes Kavya Bhupal, co-founder of Svante.

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