Sustainable fashion: Colombian hemp sneakers now available at Macy’s

By Hernan PanessiVia El Planteo.
“It’s a big challenge to position yourself in a market with so much supply,” admits Nicholas Vasquezgeneral manager of Hemp Textiles y Co.the company behind the the Colombian brand Stardog Loungewear, after signing an agreement with the department store Macy’s in the USA

Until now, all of the hemp-derived products you could find at Macy’s were for personal care, beauty products, and linens. According to Vasquez, star dog East “the first brand to enter Macy’s with a proposal for hemp clothing and footwear.”

Stardog aims to connect the fashion industry to nature by working with sustainable materials such as hemp fiber. “We design these products for people who care about sustainability, demand transparency, seek quality and good design with a purpose“, says Vásquez.

The benefits of hemp

Fast forward to a truth the world embraced a long, long time ago: hemp has a myriad of functional benefits. In fact, growing hemp means spending less natural resources because it only needs rainwater to grow. It can fix carbon dioxide (CO2) and capture heavy metals from the soil.

In addition, clothing made with hemp is extremely durable and as strong as nylon, a synthetic fiber. Hemp is also versatilea hypoallergenic material that prevents skin irritation and allergies, and provides insulation against extreme temperatures.

“Our challenge is to offer versatile pieces that are timeless while giving something back to the planet. This is how we want to change the fashion industry: one hoodie at a time“, adds the general manager.

Arrival at Macy’s

Stardog Loungewear had the opportunity to meet with Macy’s representatives after a process of trade negotiations. They attended the meeting with a brand lookbook to talk about their history and experience working in sustainability.

“Having a compelling story and connecting to consumer expectations were two key factors in Macy’s seeing us as a different, commercially viable value offering.“, Vásquez explained.

Meanwhile, Hemp Textiles y Co. continues to add products to its portfolio such as “Expedition sneakers” and “Clementine”. Soon they will be adding clothing lines and a men’s shoe line.

“Our entry into Macy’s is recent. So far, we have seen great interest from the North American market for consumer brands with a conscious value offering, aligned with their beliefs and valuesVásquez said in an exclusive interview with El Planteo.

The future of hemp clothing

Regularly, the growth of ecological fashion (also called “ethical fashion”) is going crescendo and more and more brands are joining this type of practice drawn from environmentalism and social responsibility.

An important fact in this story is that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world after oil. Thus, consumers around the world are opting for more conscious brands and products.

—What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried hemp clothing yet?

—Hemp is still an underrated material with incredible potential and premium quality. It’s time to change and discover the diversity of innovative materials. Once people try on hemp clothing, they will understand that there is something special about wearing sustainable fashion. Not only will you look different, you will also feel different and you won’t want to try anything else.

-What projects do you have in the future?

—We want to become promoters and spokespersons for hemp and sustainability. We seek to develop this very special raw material that we have so that it becomes part of our daily lives and is increasingly affordable.

Stardog Loungewear products can be purchased through its official site. They ship worldwide.

Photos courtesy of Stardog Loungewear.

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