Spring Fashion Forecast: Local fashion pros discuss trends and show what’s in store for spring

Local fashion pros discuss trends and shed light on what to expect for the upcoming spring season.

Katie Wade Faught, Applause dance wear.

APPLAUSE DANCE CLOTHING, 1629 Oxmoor Road, Homewood

TENDENCIES In the world of dance, we are seeing a surge in activewear with yoga pants, gym shorts and leggings. We are also seeing a move towards more conservative lines with high collars, cap sleeves and thicker straps.

COLORS AND PATTERNS Colors drawn from nature are all the rage, with greens, yellows and blues becoming the most popular. However, pink and black continue to be our best-selling leotard basics.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC Thinner, stretchier fabrics are popular in ballet, jazz, and contemporary footwear. There is a desire to feel as if you are not wearing shoes at all while dancing. However, wider-legged yoga pants and high-waisted shorts bring back the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s.

MUST HAVE This spring, every dancer needs the perfect short or wrap skirt to slip into her favorite leotard.

Bezshan Dolatabadi, B. Prince. Newspaper photos by Ally Morrison

B.PRINCE, 271 Rele St., Mountain Creek

TENDENCIES I’m really excited about fun and frivolity
that I see in the Spring 2022 trends. Ruffles and pattern mixes…lots of playful touches. Balancing which are more serious pieces that give a great look.

COLORS AND PATTERNS Spring colors are very soothing…lots of pastels like lavender, mint, light blue, pink, etc…Happy and peaceful…just what we need. There’s also a lot of monochromatic dressing… layers of similar colors including all white.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC I think the freshest spring looks are also nostalgic looks… an ode to the 40s
with wider shoulders in jackets… a throwback to the 70s with lots of crochet and knits and a nod to the 80s/90s seen in blazers with shorter skirts, waist belts and looks futurists.

MUST HAVE I think every woman needs a great blazer or a nice jacket for spring this year. There are so many different styles to choose from.

SPRING HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH We recommend Ulla Johnson swimsuits and camos. The blankets really look like street clothes, so you can literally go from the beach to lunch or dinner without looking like you’re swimming yet.

BEST FASHION ADVICE RECEIVED To not always follow the trends but rather to create a look that suits you while incorporating certain aspects of the novelties of each season.

Kathleen Roberts, flip flops and other things

FLIP FLOPS AND WHAT IS NOT, 4137 White Oak Drive, Vestavia Hills

TENDENCIES Sneakers with dresses, platform, casual and braided comfort upper.

COLORS AND PATTERNS Pastel, white shoes, sequins and fun details.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC All current styles that arrive are new versions of classic styles. White sneakers for example, on the back at the time, keds and k-swiss were trendy brands, today new brands are styling the trend.

MUST HAVE Flip-flops, of course. But platform shoes also sandals and sandals with white soles.

SPRING HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH Again, flip flops of course. We have many styles to choose from.

BEST FASHION ADVICE RECEIVED Be yourself, if you’re comfortable in your own style. Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

Lillian Falkenburg george in Snoozy’s Kids.

SNOOZY’S CHILDREN, 228 Country Club Park, Mountain Brook

TENDENCIES Psychedelic prints and Y2K hues—hot and neon pinks. Hoop earrings.

COLORS AND PATTERNS Classic spring gingham, sequins and high shine handbags.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC Nostalgic trench coats and menswear, inspired pieces. Fresh flowers and butterfly patterns.

MUST HAVE A delicate white lace piece and a pair of funky sunglasses.

SPRING HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH A crochet blanket. We sell the Mer-Sea brand.

BEST FASHION ADVICE RECEIVED Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you.

Cami Krablin, Gus Mayer.

GUS MAYER, 225 Summit Blvd, Birmingham

TENDENCIES Classic looks with a twist. Cutouts inserted into dresses, tops and jeans. Prints everywhere and denim continues to reinvent itself with different widths and lengths. Boyfriend shirts and straight jeans.

COLORS AND PATTERNS Violets, lavenders and blues.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC Whole ensemble looks were fresh to see on the market instead of a bunch of separates. Throwback to the power suit.

MUST HAVE Straight jeans.

SPRING HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH Kaftans and a consuela bag filled with designer sunglasses, Coola sunscreen and Freedom Moses slides.

BEST FASHION ADVICE RECEIVED The only thing you can count on in fashion is change. Stay true to your own individual style which creates an emotional experience.

Laurel Bassett, street and country clothes.

CITY AND COUNTRY CLOTHING, 74 Church St., Mountain Creek

TENDENCIES Tie-dye and boho embroidery are big trends, along with 70s dress silhouettes.

COLORS AND PATTERNS We’re excited for all the new bright colors and fun prints for spring. Everyone is ready to start going to parties and traveling again, and the new spring collections look cheerful and optimistic.

FRESH AND NOSTALGIC Several of our lines feature fresh abstract prints, and others have a more nostalgic feel with soft polka dots and eyelet fabrics.

MUST HAVE Everyone needs a great summer dress, and we have new dresses from all our ranges, from casual and funky to dressier and classic.

SPRING HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH Our customers are already stocking up on flowing gauze dresses, cropped t-shirts in soft tencel and fun prints, as well as linen tops and pants.

BEST FASHION ADVICE RECEIVED Wear what makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter if a style is trendy if it doesn’t flatter your figure or make you happy when you wear it.

Newspaper photos by Ally Morrison

1. Sally McKay is wearing a Boho Chic hot pink A-line dress, $138, Nicole wedge espadrilles, $98, a Joy Susan rose gold clutch, $48 and a Laurel Bassett brass, silver and turquoise cuff $114. Town and country wear, 205-871-7909.

2. Lynn North wears an oversized print top from Rundholz, $300, and a gingham plaid skirt from Rundholz, $223, with black disc sandals from Trippen, $395. B.Prince, 205-871-1965.

3. Laura Steele wears B-Low the Tessa Belt, $155, Mother Hustler Jean in Fairest of all (White), $198, Marie Oliver Libba top, $242, 14k yellow gold slim hoops, $450 ( Levy’s at Gus Mayer), 14k yellow gold flexible hinge, $925 (Levy’s at Gus Mayer) and Dolce Vita Paily heel, $125. Gus Mayer, 205-870-3300.

4. Janet Richie wears Jonathan Simkhai Alex shirt dress, $395, Staud Moon tote bag, $295, two-tone Tat2 necklace with crystal bezel, $350 (Levy’s at Gus Mayer). Gus Mayer, 205-870-3300.

5. Carly Vardaman wears the Oh La La Dancewear Love Me True Leotard in Skyline Blue, $72, with competition earrings from Go Girl, $12. Applause Dancewear, 205-871-7837.

6. Julie Vos Dainty Gold Butterfly Earrings, $65; Julie Vos Butterfly Delicate Station Necklace, $135. George inside Snoozy’s Kids, 205-871-2662.

7. From Top: Blowfish, Style Bambi, Color: Earth Dye Wash Twill, $45.99, Pierre Dumas, Style Clue-9, Color: Pewter, $49.99, Vionic, Style Brielle, Color Black/Snake , $119.95, Right, Blowfish, Siskin Style, Color: Meteor White/Pewter & Rose Gold, $45.99. Flip-flops and more, 205-967-7429.

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