Sisters open boys’ clothing store in upscale Shelby on Washington Street

Madison Rogers is the mother of four children, three of them boys. As her kids shifted from onesies to jeans and t-shirts, shopping became a chore as the choices were slim when it came to boys’ clothes while her daughter had a plethora of options to choose from. .

“We weren’t lucky to find anything,” Rogers said. “With my eldest, I was a mother for the first time. They had cute stuff. It wasn’t horrible, but luckily my kid loved dinosaurs so it was fine with him. But for the family photos, I couldn’t find anything cute for him to wear. There weren’t a lot of options. There is a lot more girl stuff than boy stuff.

Frustrated with his limited options, Rogers teamed up with his sister to open Poppy and Harper Boutique. Rogers said they have carefully researched the market to understand the latest fashion trends.

She is still in disbelief that things have happened so quickly.

“We spent every day researching this so that we could open up,” Rogers said. “It was on a whim. It’s honestly unreal, but it’s exciting. We were both very nervous taking this huge leap of faith. The Uptown Shelby community has been very helpful to us. The other stores were welcoming. It’s a relief to be open now and we are doing what we wanted to do.

The store at 214 S. Washington St. offers hats, plaid shirts, jogging sets, graphic t-shirts and more. Rogers said the community is welcoming and grateful that they have a great selection to meet their needs.

“Customers have told us it’s hard to find cute stuff for little boys and there’s nowhere to go here,” Rogers said.

Rogers said their inventory goes far beyond clothing, too. Customers can find everything from wooden toys to kitchen play sets.

“We want to be a one stop shop,” Rogers said.

The name pays homage to two of the women in their family, but the store is dedicated to selling boys ‘clothing, although girls’ clothing is available. The store offers newborn clothes, as well as children’s clothes up to size seven and will soon be offering size 10.

“We always wanted to open a business, but we never knew what it was going to be,” Rogers said. “We thought it would be cool to have a children’s store to carry the boys’ things. We just started talking and one day we went to buy some items. Luckily, we found a place and we made it.

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