RTFKT sells cybersneakers to the metaverse and that’s just the start


The ambitious project, which is at the forefront of creative self-expression and futuristic fashion, uses the latest game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise, to create unique sneakers and other digital artifacts. Last February, the digital studio made history by partnering with an 18-year-old artist Fierce in a virtual NFT drop that grossed over $ 3 million in under 7 minutes. The objective of the three co-founders, Benoit Pagotto, Steven “Zaptio” Vasilev, and Chris “ClegFX” The, it is for RTFKT to be present in everything, both digital and physical.

The studio has been a force to be reckoned with in the digital sneaker space lately, dropping a collaboration with Atari last March to create limited edition Atari-themed NFT sneakers for use in multiplayer blockchain universes and games, including Decentraland, The sandbox, and Atari’s Next Metaverse Platform. RTFKT collaborated with six different artists to develop digital sneakers inspired by classic Atari games. Users were able to ‘try on’ the limited edition sneakers virtually using Snapchat and the Metaverse me App before buying NFT wearables.

Beyond the Atari partnership, RTFKT has also collaborated with the streetwear icon Jeff staple and his Basic pigeon mark, and even helped Janet Jackson celebrate the 35th anniversary of its Control album with a virtual sneaker drop, with NFT profits going to a charity of Jackson’s choice. Building on the success of their digital fashion initiatives, RTFKT also hosted two ‘forging’ events – offering NFT holders the opportunity to receive a hyper-engineered reciprocal physical product from their digital sneakers, uniquely bringing their very brand. sought after virtual fashion clothing in the physically portable world.

With $ 8 million in recent financings led by the titan of venture capital Andreessen Horowitz with blockchain standout Dapper Laboratories‘CEO Roham Gharegozlou, RTFKT is only just beginning its mission to become the fashion brand that lives in every metaverse with wide adoption in AR, VR and physical. Next up is the brand’s highly anticipated Three-Dimensional Avatar Profile Image (PFP) project. CloneX, a set of full 3D avatars, ready for the metaverse. 20,000 of these brand new digital characters will be launched in the two-drop crypto arena, with current RTFKT NFT holders having exclusive access. Whatever NFT clothing CloneX users dress their avatars in, they will have the possibility of being tampered with as a real physical product, just like RTFKT has done in the past with versions of their sneakers.

This incredibly hybrid approach to fashion, linking both the virtual and the physical worlds and with arguably rabid adoption in both, is part of a larger trend that PSFK researchers have followed around the increasing digitization of the world. fashion industry. As the world evolves online, so do the aesthetic ways consumers express their own individuality, as virtual metaverse communities become the latest trending markets and avenues for self-expression.


This article originally appeared in the PSFK Research Paper, Digitization of the fashion industry

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