Retail, Print and Consignment Store Opening Los Perros, New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD – Consignment Clothing at Clothing Printing, Los Perros on Acushnet Ave. offers help bringing anyone’s idea to life at a fraction of the cost.

“It’s my way of giving back because I know what it’s like to get something screen printed and be so much money,” said Kashif Amar, 35, co-owner of the retail store, d printing and consignment.

Known for his clothing brand Kasa Meiggs, launched in 2014, Amar has faced the high costs of working with screen printing companies.

“I always had this idea of ​​cutting costs,” he said. “I wanted to cut out the middlemen.”

Last year, Amar bought a DTG (direct to garment) printer. Compared to screen printing, which consists of layers and colors on an image, DTG prints digitally into the fabric.

It is cost effective because it uses less ink and can do it all at once, multiple times on items such as coats, hats, t-shirts or print on jeans, socks and trainers.

“It makes the process easier,” he said.

Co-owners Manuel Rozario and Kashif Amar at their new Los Perros clothing store on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.

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In July, Amar worked on a branding project with Bobby Afonso, owner of Top Shelf Bar & Grill. Afterwards, Afonso asked if Amar would be interested in owning a boutique.

“He’s the man with the resources,” Amar said. “He was just looking for a curator, someone who could run it for him.”

Amar said Afonso came up with the idea, the logo and the name for the store – “Los Perros”, a phrase Afonso likes to use. Amar says it means “dog” but rather “you are my boy”.

Some of the various items for sale at Los Perros on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.

Last month, the store opened three doors from Top Shelf in the Costelo Group building. Amar runs the store with his partner Manuel Rozario III, who handles all aspects of printing.

“I never thought I would get into fashion or do anything like that,” Amar said.

How it all started for Ka

Growing up in New Bedford’s West End, Amar said it was “tough” living in her neighborhood. “You were never really guaranteed that tomorrow was going to be granted,” he said.

Amar said he lost several of his friends to the violence.

The first time he started printing on clothes was to create “memory shirts” at the old Elaine’s on Purchase St. to honor his deceased friends.

“It was a way for me to take my mind off things,” he said. “I just knew I was a creative person.”

Co-owners Kashif Amar and Manuel Rozario at their new Los Perros clothing store on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.

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In 2012, after being hospitalized, Amar said in order not to go crazy, he spent his recovery time laundering clothes, tearing up leather and assembling outfits in his mother’s basement.

“It’s something I’ve found myself good at,” he added. Amar posted her outfits on Instagram – the rest was history.

“When I work, I just like to create,” he said. “To be in my own space and just to create, I’m going to take that all day.” Amar has a studio on the second floor of No Problemo.

Help bring an idea to life

At Los Perros, a majority of products are unisex according to everyone’s style. Amar says the consignment side is for locals reselling relatively new clothes. They receive a percentage of the asking price.

But the main goal of the store is to help people bring their idea to life. “We want them to have the best experience when they come to the store. A space for them,” he said.

Some of the various items for sale at Los Perros on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.

“Everyone has an idea. But, to create it and see it in real time, it’s a good feeling… And if you get a good, solid, positive reaction from people, that’s even better.”

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Amar said he has seen a difference in his community since he was a teenager, with many taking more risks opening stores, pursuing their own brands and expressing themselves in music.

Amar said he sees himself as a “pivotal individual” in the region and tries to share his experiences with young people on a similar path.

“If you don’t get the right people around you doing the right things, to show you the right outlets, they’re just going to do what they see around them,” he said.

“That’s why I want to give back to the youth.”

Some of the various items for sale at Los Perros on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.

Still, Amar said he believes people procrastinate on their ideas because they don’t think they can, and that’s the goal of his company: to help make someone’s idea a success. reality.

“If you have an idea, come, whatever I can do to get your idea up and running.

“That’s what we’re here for. »

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