Prudent Gabriel advises Nigerian designers to be more original


Lagos-based fashion designer Prudent Gabriel advised Nigerian fashion designers to be more original with their designs and copy foreign trends less. Prudent Gabriel is a remarkable African fashion designer who is ready to reach for the sky with her exquisite designs. Army with the vision to share her passion with the world and create solutions by providing employment opportunities to many women through fashion. The model turned designer is the executive director of the Prudential Fashion Academy; and the CEO of Prudential Styling.

Until today, foreign fashion still influences what many people wear, but luckily many Nigerians adopt ethnic and traditional clothes like Asoebi, wearing them to official and social functions. The Nigerian fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Nigerian designers are increasingly recognized around the world and make the nation proud of their creations. Prudent Gabriel believes that Nigerian designers are improving their art on a daily basis and it is a joy to see. “We are doing better than before. We are more creative and blessed. I see us going higher and getting more global recognition. She said.

Still in today’s society, Prudent understands that many designers confuse trend with style. “Being trendy” is actually what deters a lot of people from looking for style, as they associate quirky designs and style with what is popular. Authentic designs stem from genuine creativity.

In her statement, the CEO of Prudential Styling said, “The point is, I’m not saying people shouldn’t take designs from foreign designers; because as a fashion designer we naturally receive designs from a lot of people; also colors, flowers, fabrics and even nature itself. Inspiration can be obtained from anywhere, but my advice is that if you want to copy from someone or somewhere, this should come to you as an idea that will inspire you to produce your own design. . You can copy and recreate the style in a more refreshing way than even the original designer would see and have no idea the design was inspired by them.

She further stated that she encourages students at her Fashion Academy and those in her Facebook live classes that it is better for them to copy and recreate designs rather than copying and copying them. to stick on. Even though, at the end of the day, she still believes originality is the key to becoming exceptional. A fashion brand that creates unconventional styles and cutting edge pieces lasts longer. As a designer, fashion is the way you express yourself, a tool you use to stand out, make a statement, or even occasionally cause a scandal. Our love of fashion is not limited to a parade but to our daily life; just look at Instagram to see the role fashion plays. When you have a unique sense of style and share photos on Instagram, you are likely to gain a lot of followers. She also said: “This is always my advice to every Nigerian designer, to future designers and to those who admire me. Don’t be a copy-copy designer; instead, strive to be the best version of yourself.

Speaking of her clients, she said; “I also always pass the same message to my clients. I tell them if you want me to do a picture that you show me from somewhere, then that means you want to look like this person. It’s wrong; you should look more like yourself, wear what suits you and do what suits you. This is why we offer a “style consultation” at Prudential Styling, as it is very important that customers can know and identify their style personality and get the right style designs for themselves. We offer styling solutions to clients and help them create tailored designs from scratch inspired by other designs they’ve loved, and in the end, they’ll look like the best version of themselves according to them. what they wanted or admired was originality.

She explained that this is why people who like to look fashionable, chic and comfortable can wear her designs because while making outfits she looks at the color, fit and fabric to know what will suit. to his client. “As I also tell my clients, if you want me to make Asoebi for you, and you send me pictures from Instagram and you want me to create exactly what you sent. When you wear this outfit, people who’ve seen her on Instagram before, whether it’s Asoebi Bella or Asoebi Styles and other fashion blogs will automatically know you’ve copied what you’re wearing from someone else. ”She continued.

“So be the original person, be the originator of your own design so that people can also be inspired by you. Don’t do things on impulse, but rather reflect. Have the passion and desire to stand out in the fashion industry. she said finally. This is why Nigerian designers should be on the path to originality. Let your style begin to express your authentic personality today and have fun discovering it along the way.

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