PODCAST | SA Money Report: Researching the Dark Designs of Online Loans Allegedly Scamming Thousands


Fin24’s weekly SA Money Report offers bite-sized insights into financial and business histories as well as an in-depth look at the history of the week.

Unless you lived in North Korea, you probably got from the hugely successful Netflix show called South of the Border. heard Squid game.

Without spoiling too much of it, one of the central themes of the South Korean show is how long people walk when unbearable debts like the metaphorical sword of Damocles hang over their heads.

Desperate people do desperate things – anything that can ease their burdens. They are the right kind of people to entice into signing up for something and instead of getting money, they end up losing more of it.

In this week’s episode of Fin24’s SA money report, We investigate the dark, tangled form of marketing and web design that claims a class action lawsuit has ensnared a number of South Africans – some desperate, others just average, normal people in need of a few extra dollars.

Our regular Fin24 disclosure reporter Jan Cronje helps us unpack the suitcase.

The goal of Fin24 with this weekly series is to break down complex issues in such a way that the listener gets an insight into a world that can often be impenetrable, either because of really dense numbers, key figures and percentages – or because one has to navigate in the dark financial terminology .

Every Friday new episodes of the show are published, which is moderated by Fin24 deputy editor Ahmed Areff.

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