Owndays launches a premium concept store in Singapore

Japanese fast fashion eyewear brand OWNDAYS is pleased to announce the opening of a new store in Takashimaya SC, Ngee Ann City. It will be the brand’s second premium concept store worldwide and its 33rd store in Singapore. The new store will be open to the public on May 20, 2022 and will house a collection ofJapan high-end glasses and ophthalmic lenses selected exclusively for its high-end concept stores.

The Takashimaya SC store reflects the concept of “Japanese luxury” originally introduced at its first high-end concept store in Marina Bay Sands, offering a high-end eyewear shopping experience complemented by Japanese hospitality and a of extended products. Drawing inspiration from Ryoanji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular attraction in Kyoto, Japan known for its famous rock garden, the new store features a distinct Japanese-style aesthetic that pays homage to the brand’s origins while incorporating a touch of luxury.

The main ground floor is flanked by a dry landscape with arrangements of rocks, gravel, moss and shrubs to achieve the interior of the Zen garden. Beige wooden elements also feature prominently inside the store to emphasize a sense of Japanese tradition.

Také Umiyama, Managing Director/COO of OWNDAYS INC., said, “The Takashimaya SC store reflects OWNDAYS’ core value of constantly evolving and innovating in order to provide consumers with quality eyewear at the best price. With a store located right in the heart of Orchard Road, this allows us to make well-designed, good-quality eyewear more accessible to our customers. Additionally, the new store is a space where we hope local consumers can enjoy a full Japanese experience without having to physically travel to Japan. We invite customers to visit the store even when they are not looking to buy glasses and just feel transported to Japan.”

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