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OSWEGO – For some, the barriers to starting a new business may seem too great. But for Rachel Morgan and her family, the challenges were well worth it.

Hannibal native Morgan opened Blossom & Bloom Boutique – Oswego’s newest trendy women’s clothing and accessories store – this month in the former Office Tavern and Restaurant located at 11 W. Seneca St.

Morgan said that since opening on Dec. 7, the store has seen a steady stream of customers. Some compared the store to shops in the town of Skaneateles, in central New York City, a compliment, she said.

“It was all a challenge, but when we put that panel open and called our first person, it was a good feeling to know that we are in this part and now we want to perfect it,” she said.

In the past two months since announcing his intention to operate at the old restaurant, Morgan has said his life has been a never-ending whirlwind of work to prepare it.

“I would work 10 hours, then I would come here and I would work another 5 hours until 11 pm sometimes, depending on what time I got here,” she said. “It took us two months, and I can count two days we weren’t there because we had things to do. Even though it was only for an hour or two, we were pushing hard to open it. “

Prior to being one of Oswego’s newer entrepreneurs, she worked as a cosmetologist in the region, as well as radiation protection at the Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants.

The creativity and uniqueness she experienced in the art of cosmetology stimulated her desire to be “my own boss”.

“I’ve always wanted to own a business… but I didn’t know what I wanted, whether it was for my hair or even for a haunted house. I love great things and creative things that attract people, ”she said. “It has always been my goal to create a fun atmosphere for a business or just something unique that attracts people. “

One of the biggest challenges she said she overcame in making her dream come true was renovating the space as the holiday season approaches. This obstacle, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent construction delays, has at times made her nervous. However, as the opening day approached, she became more confident.

Morgan said she plans to continue to develop and expand her store both virtually and physically in the future. His job would be to add more space in the store, repaint the space and set up an online store. This work would likely come to life in the spring or when the weather permits, she said.

Additionally, she hopes to expand the store in the adjacent section of the building and reimagine the old restaurant as a living room in the next few years. This eventual living room, and the location of the building in general, was one of Morgan and his family’s main draws in acquiring the space earlier this year.

“I wanted to be located here just for the folks that come down and be a part of this community and with all the other small businesses here, I just love the vibe here with the river and everything that is going on,” he said. she declared.

Once all of the changes were made and the store reached its final stages, Morgan said she plans to work full-time in the store, instead of working at local power plants with the store.

“I want to see the success of this first and then just focus on it,” she said.

Morgan’s mother-in-law Tina Sheldon said seeing the new business was an exciting opportunity.

“I’m very proud that they brought something new and fresh to Oswego,” said Sheldon.

For more information, visit the Blossom & Bloom Boutique Facebook page.

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