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Keith Todd and his twin brother Kevin Todd were taught at a very young age to always dress for success by their father, so much so that it inspired them to open their own clothing business right next to where they have grown.

Keith made his wish come true on Thursday when he cut the ribbon for the new K&K Klassic Klothing in downtown West Point. The day was not only his and his brother’s birthday, but also a celebration of Kevin’s life.

“It was a passion for us from our early years, to the fourth or fifth year… since our working days at G Mansour [with our father,]Said Keith, who is also a pastor at the Divine Kingdom Worship Center. “Before Kevin passed away, this is what he wanted, but we could never do it together. By the grace of God, we can now work it all out and see what the Lord has done.”

Kevin died in 2017 from kidney complications, a condition Keith shares but was successful, he said.

In Kevin’s place was his son, Drae, dressed in one of the finest costumes K&K sells. He helped cut the ribbon with his uncle.

“[My dad would say] that today is a great day to have a good day, ”he said, using the quote his father often said. “I am happy and honored for [my uncle], and I know my dad would be proud of him.

Beside them were Keith’s own sons, Kethan and Thad, who run their own retail business, and his wife, Gwen.

Gwen and her sons were exceptionally proud of Keith, they said, and were grateful that they could honor him and Kevin on this particular day.

“The past year has been a dream of her… and now, to see it come true, praise God,” Gwen said.

“You just have to wait for it and it will happen.” “

K&K sells men’s clothing and accessories, including quality clothing such as tuxedos, ties, shoes and glasses. The company also shares more casual items such as sweaters and jeans.

Although the changes are not made in the store, Keith is working with a neighboring company to add changes to K & K’s list of services.

K&K is also expected to launch its own clothing line called Klassic King Clothing in the near future, Keith said.

The company will officially open its doors on Monday.

Hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday. The business is located at 308 W. 8th Street, Suite 101.

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