Locally handcrafted shoes inspired by the beauty of Puerto Vallarta


Inspired by Puerto Vallarta, Australian rebel hairstylist Danielle DiNunzio launched her TRAVEL SLYDES line of shoes reflecting seaside trends and ocean life in the tourist town.

The designs for Puerto Vallarta TRAVEL SLYDES are associated with the reality of DiNunzio – Puerto Vallarta is where the owner of the DANYELLE brand resides and this collectible pair was created in honor of the resort to celebrate its aquatic attractions and its themed culture. the side.

Each shoe is handcrafted and made to order in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and available here.

DiNunzio first launched the brand in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, when it identified a gap in the industry that resulted in a lack of seasonal shoe options, which prompted it to create the SIGNATURE collection. , a series of multi-season selections tailored to the lifestyle of a dedicated traveler.

DiNunzio has always prided herself on her adventurous spirit, having been passionate about travel throughout her youth, she then pursued a career as a flight attendant to fuel her fascination with global tourism. In addition to her love for travel, DiNunzio is also passionate about environmental awareness, cherishing the elements of the earth as best she can. With his cultured sense of high-end fashion, his travel-hungry nature and his green mindset, DiNunzio is rewriting the rules of consumer fashion by bringing eco-friendly footwear solutions to the market.

To establish conscious consumerism, DANYELLE uses natural resources like locally sourced cactus leather from a cactus farm in Guadalajara, Mexico to create the brand’s fashionable CACTUS SYLDES. The sustainability of the planet is at the heart of DANYELLE innovation because it influences the current footwear landscape with an alternative to animal leather, doing justice to the planet’s fauna. In recognition of zero waste production, the brand follows a custom manufacturing process to eliminate material misuse. As a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic vegan option, cactus leather is a win-win solution for the environment and consumers.

Inspired by her reality residing in Puerto Vallarta, DiNunzio empowered the surrounding community with DANYELLE by employing locals to commission her factory production and Mexican artists to make and hand paint her exclusive TRAVEL SLYDES. By providing the townspeople with such opportunities, DiNunzio enabled the region to prosper while making DANYELLE a full-fledged, slow-fashioned shoe brand. Contrary to fashion industry standards, DiNunzio has put profit generation at the back of its importance list, prioritizing the benefit of others in all aspects. With a mission to make a positive impact on the earth and humanity while reaching out to consumers with stylish footwear, DANYELLE defies the odds of ordinary fashion by branding itself as a forerunner of uniquely sustainable selections that monumentally serve the planet and its inhabitants.

Browse the Puerto Vallarta-inspired collection as you visit danyelle.com.au

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