Latent View shares stuck in a 10% lower circuit on the expiration day of the main investor block

Latent View Analytics shares were trading at a 10 percent discount on the lead investor’s expiration day on the first BSE trades on Monday. Latent View shares were stuck in the lower circuit 9.99% at Rs 535, down from Rs 59.40 per share.

After opening at Rs 586 in intraday trading on Monday, shares of this analytics service provider have corrected 10%, as they have fallen nearly 14% in the last 5 trading sessions on the ‘ESB, according to Stock Edge, an application to analyze NSE, ESB data.

Earlier this month, the lockdown expiration of key investors in FSN Ecommerce Ventures, FINO Payments Bank, SJS Enterprises, PB Fintech, Sigachi Industries, One 97 Communications (Paytm) and Sapphire Foods expired. The Latent View Analytics lead investor lockout expires today, while Tarsons Products and Go Fashion are two other stocks that will see the lead investor deadline to sell stocks lifted this month.

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Latent View Analytics’ IPO got off to a dreamy start on the stock exchanges last month when the company’s shares were listed on the BSE at a 169% premium. The analytics service provider’s shares were listed at Rs 530 per share against its issue price of Rs 197 per share. This was a gain of Rs 333 per share for those who obtained the Latent View Analytic share award.
In November, no less than 10 IPOs paid off a whopping RS 36,100 crore in total, Edelweiss Alternative Research said in its report. “December would test their stamina as the lockdowns of these newly listed stocks end for key investors,” the report said.

Earlier on November 12, the analytics service provider made history when it registered 326.47 times the subscription to overtake Paras Defense and Space Technologies Limited’s IPO and become the most successful offering. highest in India after ever recorded offer. By the end of September 2021, Paras Defense and Space Technologies Limited’s IPO had become the most widely traded IPO after leading Salasar Techno by being underwritten over 304 times.

What is an anchor investor?
According to the Ministry of Commercial Affairs, a Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) is an anchor investor, who applies for a value of at least Rs 10 crore in a public issue. There will be a 30-day lock-up on the shares allocated to the Reference Investor from the date of allocation in the public issue.
The allocation to Anchor Investors will be discretionary and subject to conditions set by the Ministry and the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

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