Kentaro Kameyama brings fashion sense to Idyllwild Arts

Have you ever been to school or Idyllwild? How will you handle the logistics of teaching at the Los Angeles school?

I have been to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and surrounding areas. Idyllwild was a bit different than I expected because Palm Springs and Joshua Tree is desert. But I love nature and I look at the photos of Idyllwild and I fell in love with the beauty of the landscapes. I’ll have an apartment in Idyllwild and I’ll keep one in LA too. I hope to come back to Los Angeles a few times a month, but I will be able to manage my business by moving here. And that maintains the connection with our LA people and the models and the factory and production people. So it will work. And I also have an assistant here so I think it will work.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I don’t think it’s necessarily trendy, but anyone who is an educator likes to see the process, the students grow, improve and start to be a better person. I’m a bit very picky about craftsmanship, a clean look, and attention to detail in your model, and so I kind of push my students that way.

You came to fashion design from music. How has it shaped you as a fashion student and how will it help your students at Idyllwild Arts?

I think I really want to expose them to a lot of different arts. I happen to have been a classical piano student for over 30 years. And if someone studies something that hard, you can see another layer of understanding. You start to see connections to painting, dancing and more. There is no mamnppopel like me who gets into fashion from different media. I think I can share this experience.

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