Jakarta Police Launch Hotline to Fight Illegal Online Lending


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Jakarta Police have set up a special hotline for the public to report complaints about illegal online lending via SMS or WhatsApp.

The National Police, together with their criminal police and regional police, are launching massive action against illegal online loans, as ordered by President Joko Widodo.

In relation to Tribratanews.polri.go.id On Thursday, October 28, 2021, the Jakarta police cyber team opened a special hotline service for victims in their area of ​​responsibility. The hotline service is supported by the Jakarta Police’s Special Crime Directorate.

As written on the Instagram account @siberpoldametrojaya, the police ask the victims to report such cases immediately. Victims, and people in general, who know the location or locations of illegal online lending, particularly those within the Jakarta Police Department’s jurisdiction, can use the hotline number to submit the information.

The number is 081191-110-110, which can be reached by phone or WhatsApp. Reports can also be made by direct message to Instagram @siberpoldametrojaya or by SMS or WhatsApp to 0812-1001-9202.

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