Jaden Smith’s first London boutique is here (and it’s awesome)



Why did you want to do this project in UK? What about Selfridges?

I feel like I have a real friendship with everyone at Selfridges, and I feel like that’s the thing that makes the most sense. Honestly, I love the store so much, and with what they do when it comes to sustainability, it honestly made me feel the partnership would be perfect. Doing the project in UK means the world to us because we had a really good MSFTSrep here. We just want to keep developing that and spreading information and love.

What positive change do you want to promote?

I really want to promote people who are themselves. I really want people to know that it’s good to be themselves. This project aims to organize rebellion among the youth. This rebellion is against all structures that hold us back and do not allow us to be ourselves and exactly who we want to be. This is the positive change that I really want to promote: people being really themselves.

What do you want people to take away from your partnership with Selfridges?

I want them to be inspired. I want them to feel like there are other people in the world who feel like them. People who go through things, people who feel different or who feel like they’ve been kicked out of the cool kids club, or that no one understands them. I want them to feel inspired and know that anything is possible.

This partnership aims to inspire change. What else do you hope to see in the future?

What I have hope for are the young people, the people in the world who are young in spirit, and the people who are ready to change the world to evolve more harmoniously with human nature. That’s what it’s about. I really hope the smartest people in the world start to come together and start rebellions and rebuild the world in a way that makes sense. We should all be ourselves instead of listening to people telling us we shouldn’t be ourselves.

I also have hope for the education systems of the future because I believe they can be changed. I have hope for the food systems of the future because I believe they can be changed. I have hope for all these different systems, which I believe need to change. I think the next generation can come into them and rebuild them in a way that really makes them work harmoniously with you in life.

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