J.Crew collaborates on Marie Marot shirts: shop the latest J.Crew capsule

Fashion works on an if you know, you know basis. Some finds are essentially an introduction to a semi-secret society of similar taste and style, including early encounters with French designer Marie Marot, whose menswear-inspired button-down shirts are revered by fashion insiders. Many places claim to have perfected the button-up shirt, but only Marie Marot has the likes of women’s design manager J.Crew. Olympia Gayot among her notorious (and yes, extremely chic) ​​fans. Ordering a shirt is the only condition for joining Marot’s “Shirt Club” and Gayot is a loyal member. “If you are looking this perfect shirt,” she said BAZAAR earlier this year, “I feel like it came from her.”

This Holy Grail shirt is now even closer for the rest of us. Marie Marot invites new members to her Shirt Club through a limited edition J.Crew collection, available today. The nine-piece capsule is a quintessential slice of Parisian style, comprising a navy wool suit with a nipped-waist blazer and loose-fitting trousers, a soft rugby long sleeve, chunky-soled loafers and, most importantly, four shirts buttoned in different stripes of cotton poplin.


model wears marie marot shirts for jcrew


The centerpiece of this collection is the shirt, a “heroic item” for designers and their brands, says Gayot. It has a simplicity and ease that has survived more articles than we can possibly list here. Bring Marie Marot’s I do not know what J.Crew’s shirts required high-quality fabrics courtesy of British millinery Thomas Mason, as well as thoughtful design details to make the nonchalant, lounging vibe in the Marais that much easier to achieve. An example: “Marie placed the breast button in the perfect spot, so that when the first three buttons are undone, it pops open to show the perfect amount of skin,” says Gayot.

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Dreaming up this detail in addition to the entire collection was “pure excitement” for both designers. Marot tells BAZAAR that she and her friend-turned-collaborator share similar approaches with an emphasis on longevity rather than trend. “We create pieces that mothers can pass down to their daughters and so on, because of the timeless and elegant freshness [design]said Marot.

a model wears a jcrew marie marot button in a story about jcrew at marie marot


marie marot wears her button down shirt for jcrew


“Mary totally understands [J.Crew]adds Gayot, “and when I approached her, she quickly put together the most epic inspiration board that included a combination of her quintessentially Parisian references and images from the J.Crew catalog archives. She fully understood what needed to be designed.

marie marot wears her shirt for jcrew


The very personal style of Marot and Gayot makes this collaboration all the more authentic. Both women are an encyclopedia of shirt style inspiration. (Just check their respective Instagram presences for proof.) Marot still wears hers unbuttoned and showing some skin. Gayot’s overall look dictates how she cleverly organizes hers: she’ll go from tucked in, to fully bare with only the chest button closed, all the way to the top four buttons closed with the bottom open. “I could go on. The versatility and range of a single item is certainly what makes it an iconic staple.

Now you know where to find the most durable version.

Marie Marot x J.Crew is available now at J-Crew.

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