IWD 2022: How do the leaders of Supre, First Nations Fashion and Design and Macpac #BreakTheBias?

In keeping with the 2022 International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias, Ragtrader asks, “how do you break the biases in your life?”

Teagan Cowlishaw – First Nations Fashion + Design CEO

How can I break down prejudice as an Indigenous woman in the fashion industry?

I am a strong and proud Nykina/Bardi woman who defends my mafia.

I am for change.

I get up and walk this journey for my family and my communities.

At First Nations Fashion and Design, we challenge society’s perception of First Nations people every day.

Grace and I are united and strong; we draw our strength from our fraternity.

We stand up and show our solidarity in the actions we take for our brothers and sisters.

FNFD is breaking down the barriers of the traditional fashion industry and opening avenues for our communities.

We provide opportunities for our next generation to enter the industry; we are changing the industry ecosystem to be more inclusive.

FNFD wants to showcase the diversity and talent of all First Nations creatives.

Jodie Bongetti- Supreme GM


Leading with empathy and compassion is my way of #breakingstigma this International Women’s Day.

This emotional connection and vulnerability does not equal a weak leader.

But instead of having the courage to connect, be vulnerable and lead with empathy, building strong teams based on trust.

I’m also incredibly proud of what Supré and the Supré Foundation have done for girls and women in our communities to #breakthebias.

In particular our partnership with the Stars Foundation to empower Indigenous youth.

Cathy Seaholme – CEO of Macpac


As women and mothers, breaking down prejudice demonstrates that equality is something we must and can achieve.

Equal opportunity, compensation, diversity, inclusion and more.

We need to celebrate our differences and realize that we all bring our unique selves to what we do and need to be valued.

That should be enough.

What stops us is our partiality, often unconscious.

What is offered to us is choice: in the way we recruit, in the way we engage, in the way we manage, in the way we listen, in the way we verify ourselves, our habits and preferences.

No matter who you are or where you come from, we can always do better.

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