Injured Nassau MP’s favorite sandwich shop pays special tribute


NASSAU COUNTY, FL – Deputy Joshua Moyers has served the Nassau County community since 2015.

Now that same community is showing its appreciation in its own way.

Pig Bar-BQ is one of several restaurants in the area providing food to the more than 300 law enforcement personnel looking for the man accused of shooting MP Moyers during a road check on Friday morning. He was not expected to survive his injuries.

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At a McDonald’s on US-1, the marquee reads, “Remember Congressman Josh Moyers in your thoughts and prayers.

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There’s also a quarter-mile subway tribute down the road.

MP Moyers rode this subway on US-1 all the time with other MPs and his fiancée.

They sat in the same seat every visit, so the workers created a special tribute in her honor.

“Sorry, this seat is taken,” reads a note next to a photo of Moyers.

“The room would light up when he walked in,” said Caitlyn Phelan, a Subway employee.

This is how Phelan remembers Deputy Moyers every time he showed up for a bite to eat.

Keeping his normal seat empty is his way of saying “Thank you.”

“To her parents, thank you,” she said. “You raised a young man very well and I know for a fact that he made his fiancee very happy because I have watched them grow up as a couple since I have been here. It breaks my heart. “

A Subway sandwich shop in Nassau County pays tribute to the injured MP by saving his favorite seat. (Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax – All rights reserved.)

Brooke Johnson is the owner of Paislee Grace Salon and Boutique, an online clothing and accessories store. She created custom shirts and donated a portion of the sales to MP Moyers’ family.

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The green shirt has Deputy Moyers’ badge number and #NCSOStrong.

Johnson says the shop raised more than $ 300 in a matter of hours selling more than 100 shirts.

“He was a real hero,” Johnson said of Deputy Moyers. “It really touched my heart to be able to make the shirts, especially for his family because it was just the least I could do.”

This is how the community intensifies.

“Whenever a great tragedy or something happens, we all come together,” Johnson said. “We are like a big family here in Nassau [County.]”

Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax – All rights reserved.

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