“I’m not going to die!” says the boss of the North Wales fashion store which sells after nearly 50 years

A menswear store owner talked about selling after nearly 50 years in business and having to reassure people “I’m not dying!”.

This week Tim Williams announced that his Bon store on Prestatyn High Street would close this spring after 48 years in business.

Since then, messages of support have been pouring in and he has had to assure people that he remains healthy.

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The other good news is that he shook hands with Mark Sugarman, who has run the Detour clothing store in Rhyl for more than 35 years, on a deal to take over the Prestatyn unit.

This should mean that the high street will retain an independent menswear store once Tim leaves in March.

Tim Williams at Bon in Prestatyn where he has been for 48 years

Tim, 73, said: “Closing was a big decision to make. I had planned to turn 50 and almost got there, but with Covid and the opening and closing I got used to have free time and decided it was time to leave.

“I made the decision around the new year and announced it this week.

“I know I will miss it a lot, meeting people and getting to know my customers. There are also the representatives and other traders here at Prestatyn as we have a good business community here.

“I’m going to miss it, but I live in Prestatyn and I’ll keep coming to town. I have to keep telling people, ‘You’ll always see me, I’m not dying!’

“I’ve met so many great people along the way and time has flown by, it’s a merry-go-round, you’re always buying or selling and thinking about next season, time flies.

“Since I broke the news, people have been flooding in, saying I deserved the break after so many years.”

He will not be quiet in “retirement”.

He said: “I hope to have a few holidays, I have grandchildren, golf and motorsport. I have a lot of interests and will also continue to run the classic car show in Prestatyn. “

Regarding the future of the unit, he said: “I shook hands with Mark, so hopefully we continue to have an independent menswear shop in town, which I’m delighted with.”

Mark said: “I’ve been at Rhyl for over 35 years so we haven’t been rushing to expand!

“This store continues to do well after all these years, but we are looking forward to bringing the brand to Prestatyn as well. We plan to keep some of the existing brands at Bon, but we will also be adding new ones.

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“It’s a niche market, but there is a market and people come from Anglesey because there aren’t many places that do.

“Rhyl has lost a few chains over the years but if you have the right product people will always come and there is a lot of regeneration work going on here which we hope will help the town centre.

“The Prestatyn Business Park draws crowds and we can’t wait to try it too.”

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