IFJAG offers sequel opportunities to buyers

Located at the Embassy Suites, IFJAG offered an alternative to traditional trade shows by being held in a hotel, with each exhibitor having their own suite to preview products.


Hosted at Embassy Suites a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip, the International jewelry and fashion accessories group organized the latest edition of its jewelery and accessories fair from February 12 to 15.

Capri Williams Imports COO Monica Sato-Roque said the company has been at IFJAG for years. The company is always satisfied with its experience. Using cubic zirconia, the brand always attracts buyers due to its “blinginess”.

“I think it’s a great show for buyers, especially because of the setting of the hotel. It’s not really like a convention center with lots of people and booths. It’s much quieter and much more private,” Sato-Roque said.

Don Valcourt, Executive Director of IFJAG, noted that despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing trade shows into a virtual format for some time, the event continues to grow in both attendance and attendance. footprint.

“You can’t be in the fashion industry and be virtual. It’s a type of business that sees and feels, especially the fashion jewelry business. Maybe it works if you try to buy tires or something, but they want to try it out, see what it looks like, check the color and stuff like that,” Valcourt said.

Valcourt added that there was now a waiting list to become an exhibitor at the show, so he had to turn people away. The IFJAG show in Orlando, Florida in May is already sold out and the company is expanding to Dallas for the first time in late October.

Chungu Sellers was attending IFJAG to stock up on jewelry and other accessories for her boutique in Columbia, SC Sellers’ twisted ankle didn’t stop her from enjoying the show. She said the event provided a great opportunity to see multiple types of accessory vendors in one place.

“I did my homework before the show so I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see, but the great thing about this show is that you can find so much more than you were originally looking for. It’s great to see exhibitors who don’t have an in-person website,” Sellers said.

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