I work in a clothing store – I was speechless when the customer’s girlfriend was livid over a harmless joke

A SHOP employee recounted how an innocent joke infuriated a customer’s girlfriend.

Katelyn Irvine has served many different people in retail and encountered all kinds of attitudes, but one person always stands out for all the wrong reasons.


Katelyn couldn’t believe it
She still thinks about it all the time


She still thinks about it all the time

Speaking to TikTok, she explained how the awkward moment has changed now that she’s dealing with the public.

She said, “Look where you serve someone who has a girlfriend, it’s awkward enough.”

“They come to the checkout and I was serving him the shoes and putting them through and as I was giving him the bag with the shoes in it my strap got stuck on the handle.

“He pulled the bag to take it away and I said jokingly ‘oh are you taking me with you?’

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“And see if looks can kill.

“She looked at the boyfriend and the boyfriend was laughing and I was laughing and then we stopped and looked at each other and realized how pissed off she was and obviously it was a joke.

“I said ‘just kidding – sorry’ and she left and I just dropped to the floor like ‘this didn’t happen by accident.’

“It still sticks with me to this day.

“I was also on duty the other day until and the same kind of thing happened, but obviously I didn’t say anything.

“This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in the service industry.”

But those who commented came to Katelyn’s defense and insisted she had done nothing wrong.

One said, “I don’t understand why girls are like that, barely like you rob her man in three minutes of work.”

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Another added: “Any normal person would laugh? Someone definitely has insecurities.

As someone predicted, “Most girlfriends would laugh too, she thinks he’s gonna cheat or something.”

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