How Amazon Fashion is using technology to personalize the shopping experience



With so many industries affected by unprecedented circumstances, the fashion industry has also borne the brunt of the pandemic. Most fashion brands have adapted by optimizing their e-commerce efforts, as the majority of consumers choose to shop online from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

In line with this development, brands are also accelerating their online presence because they aim to emerge stronger than before and reach more customers than ever.

“When the lockdown resumed this year, customers suspended their discretionary spending, but with the nation’s gradual unlocking, we expect the market to move at a faster pace. Wave 1 of Covid-19 brought a myriad of changes within the industry and with Wave 2 e-commerce has taken an increasingly important place in our lives. Today, as a large part of the population stays indoors, there is little desire to wear formal clothing, but the demand for comfortable clothing and work-from-home clothing and footwear has increased sharply ”, said Saurabh Srivastava, Director and Head – Amazon Fashion India.

The change in consumer buying habits

In recent times, there has been a continuous change in the buying habits and purchasing habits of consumers.

“Fashion styles like athleisure and casual casual wear have been gaining momentum over the past year. Transitional clothes that seamlessly “pass” through seasons and occasions remain the focus of fashion as individuals opt for easy and breathable styles. When it comes to beauty, while the eye category has seen maximum acceleration, the lip category is slowly accelerating with the growing demand for anti-transfer and matte lipsticks. The focus on professional skin and hair care products has also increased, ”he says.

At present, Amazon Fashion is witnessing an increasing demand for products such as Western clothing for women, sportswear, comfort clothing (T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and leisure sports in general) and fashion jewelry among the Gen Z customer base, while sportswear, ethnic, children’s clothing, women’s shoes are more popular with millennials. In addition, comfort clothing has also seen a massive spike in the past year.

“We have also seen an increase in demand for maternity clothes and newborn clothes (rompers and sets of clothes). For Beauty, the eye categories experienced maximum acceleration. We have observed customers experimenting with crafts and using professional beauty products. Customers are now turning to anti-transfer and matte makeup products, aware of the use of face masks, ”he says.

Technology: personalization of the shopping experience for consumers

Since consumers have been safe in the security of their homes for a long time, fashion brands aim to make their shopping experience seamless and personalized by providing virtual advice and using the power of technology.

“Amazon Fashion has launched a variety of platform initiatives over time, helping customers across India, including Tier II and III markets, make the right decisions when shopping. There are brand-specific size charts, product images and videos from multiple angles, and tech features like Outfit Builder, Style Snap, Brand Logo Farm, and Virtual Try-On. This is in addition to a hassle-free return policy for fashion products that will ensure that customers don’t risk choosing the wrong size or fit, ”Srivastava shares.

“To meet individual needs and further improve the shopping journey for customers, we have launched specially designed storefronts like The Mask Store, Designer Boutique, Monsoon Beauty Store, Wanderlust Duty Free Store and Yoga Store, among others, offering them a simple and exciting browsing experience, ”he adds.

What does the future hold?

With the advent of the ‘video conferencing’ culture, the need for smart high waisted fashion has arisen and it is here to stay even as the country gradually unlocks itself.

“The pandemic has also brought the idea of ​​’no rules’ back to the fashion space, giving the industry the opportunity to explore the multifunctional values ​​of clothing. The previous year saw a growing penchant for sustainable fashion, leading to a strong hold on the fashion industry. Customers also stay engaged at home by being pampered, spending time styling and experimenting with makeup. The beauty industry has seen the emergence of the demand for cheerful colors, clean beauty and professional hair styling products as well as the make-up revival. These beauty trends are set to develop as we move forward into next year, ”he says.

Wardrobe Refresh Sale

Keeping the trends in mind, Amazon Fashion is back with the 9th edition of the Wardrobe Refresh Sale (WRS) which will introduce shoppers to the hottest styles of the season. The upcoming sale will feature offerings on over 1,000 top fashion brands and over 40,000 styles from top brands like Levi’s, Adidas, Hopscotch, BIBA and GIVA, among others, as well as 12Lac + beauty products and 10K + product selections. beauty brands from top brands like Lakme, Maybelline, L’Oréal Paris, Kama Ayurveda and PacoRabanne, among others, to meet the unique demands of customers in all markets.

“At our key events like the Wardrobe Refresh Sale, there is demand across all categories. However, we are finding that fashion categories like formal wear, western wear, sportswear, and smartwatches, in addition to sportswear and comfort wear, are working better and better for men and women alike. women. Since last year, we have also seen higher growth in the children’s clothing category. For beauty, we generally see skin care, hair care, makeup and perfumes growing in popularity, ”he concludes.


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