Here’s how to start a styling career

Gaining as much internship experience as possible is sadly necessary to succeed in any area of ​​the fashion industry (via G&M Career Mode). This experience will help you learn how to succeed in the industry, give you a taste of a day in the life of the workplace and show future employers that you are passionate about fashion. If you want to find a fashion styling internship, you can start your search by simply searching for “fashion styling internships” on Google, Indeed, and LinkedIn. You should always consider location when looking for an internship; Even if the position looks like a dream come true, you need to make sure you have a realistic travel plan, especially if the internship is unpaid.

While traditional job search methods and websites like Indeed and LinkedIn can be great, you will benefit from using more specific resources, such as Intern Queen, FreeFashionStagesand StyleCareers. Even if you can’t find a styling internship, internships in similar aspects of fashion, such as visual merchandising, will still be helpful. If there’s a brand or company you’re obsessed with and would like to like to do an internship, it can’t hurt to reach out. Of course, do your research on who to contact, plan carefully what you want to write, and don’t wait for a response, but taking your picture could potentially change your life.

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