Hay-on-Wye gift shop owner launches new fashion business

A NEW store on the Herefordshire border is branching out with a new business.

Sweets Magnolia, in Lion Street in Hay-on-Wye, has opened in the border town offering gifts for women, men, children and the home.

Sarah Rabone, 55, has been in the city for over a year and hopes to entice people back to the high street.


Helped by her son Adam, a partner in the business who also works at Electric Cafe, her nephew Elliot also lives with her in her Bridge Street home.

Ms Rabone said the simple concept that the store sells something for everyone makes it different, and everything is either sourced from the UK or ethically sourced from Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

But the trio is also set to launch an exclusive clothing agency called What Goes Around Comes Around.

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The eco-conscious fashion community will see the company take high-end clothing, accessories, vintage, small furniture for recycling and split the profits 50/50 with the customer.

Ms Rabone said the customer can save the money for a rainy day, pay bills or donate to charity.

She said they would sell the items in their “beautiful” room upstairs and for every item we sell they would donate 10% of each item to the Trussell Fund.

This will support the homeless, an issue which is “at crisis point in Wales”, Ms Rabone said.


“Fashion is unsustainable and lasts a season if we are lucky, landfills are full, environment is suffering, people are being treated appallingly abroad with no pay or reasonable conditions,” he said. she declared.

“However, designer items cost more and have become more ethical over the years, but they last for years, so one person passes it around the circle to another and we have an ever-widening circle where everyone takes advantage.”

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