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The Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA), led by Eco-Age founder Livia Firth, unites fashion and film with a new wave of sustainability in Hollywood.

Last month, Firth hosted an intimate dinner and cocktail party to celebrate the awards show’s planned move to Los Angeles for the 2023 event. Held at the San Vicente Bungalows, the evening paid tribute to Tom Ford, Aurora James, Bethany Yellowtail and Rashad Robinson for Color of Change. Firth hosted, alongside model and activist Bethann Hardison and the winners.

The Italy-based sustainability and communications agency has chosen to relocate to Hollywood to mark the start of a new direction for GCFAs, which the organization will continue to drive forward in 2023. Most recently, GCFAs 2020 had held at the Teatro alla Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy, rewarding 5 winners, including Zendaya and designer Sindiso Khumalo.

The 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards handed out five statuettes on October 10 with winners including Zendaya, for her work increasing inclusivity in the style world, and designer Sindiso Khumalo. The awards were held digitally, streamed on YouTube’s fashion channel, and incorporated a mix of film, visual effects, holograms and augmented reality.

The four winners were all selected to represent the different pillars of the GCFAs: Environmentally Restorative (Ford), Socially Just (Yellowtail and James) and Economically Inclusive (Robinson). Ford is behind the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize, a pioneering and transformative competition focused on ending plastic pollution by innovating an alternative to plastic wrap that is both ubiquitous and problematic in the fashion industry and the -of the.

Additionally, Yellowtail was honored for the eponymous brand and fashion brand B. Yellowtail, whose core values ​​center on championing Indigenous craftsmanship, upholding social justice, and preserving culture and tradition. heritage communities, while James is known for her passion for craft design and social justice with Brother. Vellies, his brand dedicated to keeping alive the traditional practices and techniques of African design, while creating and maintaining artisanal jobs. Robinson accepted on behalf of Color of Change, the racial justice organization dedicated to bringing economic inclusiveness to market and securing financial equality for black people in America.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards are held in honor of the Green Carpet Challenge, which came to fruition during the 2010 awards season. Since then, several stars have supported the challenge by wearing sustainable brands on red carpets, including Penelope Cruz, Olivia Colman, Thandiwe Newton, Cate Blanchett and Michael Fassbender.

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“It’s not a celebration of an industry with the power to distract. Rather, it’s recognition of an industry that needs to leverage its power for people and the planet,” Firth said. “Fashion can and should be a lifeline. We must come together and forge strong paths with human and ecological justice at the center of our concerns. All who are rewarded here today are looking crisis and conflict in the eye. doing this and actively creating our future, we embrace active hope.GCFAs stand for active hope and deep and sincere work for transformation.

Livia continued, “Today’s fashion landscape has changed dramatically and after two years of pandemic and now war and conflict, diaspora and trauma, we all feel overwhelmed. Fashion is a full-spectrum industry that spans the globe, touches billions of lives, and depends on a healthy biosphere. We must use this reach and this power to bring about meaningful change. We also know that sustainability solutions are intersectional solutions, that environmental justice is totally linked to social justice. The Green Carpet Fashion Awards are about all of this, showing the level of commitment and focus we all need to reflect; it’s about coming together as an industry that needs to step up. This is why this new concept for the GCFA marks for us a crucial point for the fashion industry, also using the power of Hollywood because cinema and fashion have always been linked, flirting with each other. in a symbiotic relationship.

Other attendees of the evening included Nikki Reed, Amber Valetta, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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