Fujifilm discontinues Fujicolor Pro and Velvia 50 Sheet Film range


Fujifilm has announced that it will discontinue a few other film products. The latest to be phased out are Fujicolor 160NS Professional 120 and Velvia 50 films in 4 × 5 and 8 × 10 sheet formats.

In its press release announcing the shutdown, Fujifilm explains that it was forced to make the decision because it can no longer (at a lower cost?) Obtain certain ingredients used to manufacture its stocks of films.

“[Fujifilm] worked hard to absorb costs such as improving production efficiency and reducing costs for 160NS 120 color negative film for photography and VELVIA 50 CUT reversible film which have been in use for many years ”, writes the company. “However, because it has become difficult to obtain some of the raw materials used for production, we have no choice but to stop production and sales.”

Fujicolor 160NS Professional 120 Film Stop is the final nail in the coffin of Fujicolor Pro film. The professional color negative film family was initially introduced in 2004 for wedding, portrait, fashion and commercial photographers, and the line included Pro 160S (later renamed Pro 160NS), Pro 160C, Pro 400H, and Pro 800Z.

Fujicolor Pro 160NS is known for its natural color reproduction, especially skin tones, which makes it an ideal choice for photographing people. It had a particularly fine grain (an RMS granularity of 3), a wide exposure range (-1 to +3 EV), and a cyan-sensitive 4th layer on top of the standard RGB layers to more accurately capture how the eye human sees color.

Shot on Fujicolor 160NS 120 by photographer Steven Tsai. Under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

The discontinuation of the Fujicolor Pro 400H film was announced in January 2021, so the film will no longer be available once current stocks are exhausted.

Velvia 50 Sheets Film is known for its extremely fine grain and brilliant color reproduction, and it has been a popular choice for landscape photographers who want photos with extreme sharpness, tone and vibrancy.

Shot on Velvia 50 4 × 5 by photographer John Byrne. Under CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

With the discontinuation of these three films, the Fujifilm film range now includes six lines: Velvia 50 (in 35mm and 120), Velvia 100 (in 35mm, 120 and sheet), Provia 100F (in 35mm, 120 and sheet), Neopan 100 Acros II (announced in June 2019, available in 35mm and 120), Fujicolor C200 and Superia X-TRA 400.

Options dwindle for die-hard Fujifilm photographers, especially in sheet film, where Velvia 100 and Provia 100F are the last two choices. It’s unclear exactly where Fujifilm’s non-Instax film business is heading, but it might be a good idea to stock up on Fujifilm film inventory that you can’t live without.

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