From Corporate Raider to activist investor: Here are three high-yield stocks Carl Icahn favors

Formerly known as the “Corporate Raider”, Carl Icahn is the founder and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, which is a large holding company with well-diversified positions.

In recent years, Icahn has established himself as an activist investor and opened a new stake in Bausch & Lomb Company BLCO in the second quarter, totaling 3,500,000 shares held.

Although Bausch & Lomb doesn’t offer dividends, here are three high-yielding stocks Icahn’s holding company currently owns.

Icahn Enterprises LP IEP offers a dividend yield of 15.46% or $8.00 per share per year, using quarterly payouts, with an inconsistent history of increasing dividend payouts. Icahn Enterprises is a diversified business services provider in the United States, operating in various segments, including investment, automotive, energy, food packaging, real estate, pharmaceutical and fashion for the home.

Icahn’s fund increased its position in Icahn Enterprises during the second quarter, with a stake of more than 150 million shares.

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Xerox Holding Company XRX offers a dividend yield of 5.55% or $1.00 per share per year, making quarterly payments, with a decent track record of increasing its dividend once in the past year. Xerox Holdings operates in a segment that includes the design, development and sale of printing technology and related solutions, while deriving 60% of its revenue from the United States and 40% from international markets from 2021.

Icahn Enterprises increased its stake in Xerox Holdings by 2,130,423 shares during the second quarter of 2022.

Brands Newell Inc. NWL offers a dividend yield of 4.53% or 92 cents per share per year through quarterly payments, with an inconsistent balance sheet as the company has not increased dividends over the past year. Newell Brands is an American global consumer goods company with business operations in five segments, including business solutions, home appliances, home solutions, learning and development, and outdoor and sports activities. Hobbies.

The holding maintained its stake in Newell Brands during the second quarter, maintaining its stake at 33,070,432 shares.

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