Free People CRVY Jeans Review 2021


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A version of this story originally appeared on the Strategist UK These flattering jeans are available in the US, so we’re syndicating it here.

Proportionately speaking, I have a huge ass. This is not a complaint or even a boast. It’s just a fact of life. Ask a friend of mine (or my grandma, who I inherited it from) and they’ll tell you my butt is a lot bigger than the rest of me, and it always has been. Due to my XXL lifestyle, buying jeans has always been worse for me than the average person (for whom I know it’s still bad enough). The main problem is that the larger size in most straight size stores is often too small, while the smaller size in a larger range is usually, you guessed it, too large. (Size 16 can be a real trendy no man’s land.) My solution for many years has been to buy vintage jeans for men and get them taken, which is time consuming and expensive and has limited my choice regarding color, fit and style of jeans to anything I can find in vintage stores or on eBay. Recently, on a whim, I tried Free People’s CRVY line, and it was a revelation.

While the name is a nightmare and the line has plenty of extreme flare styles that I’m not interested in, CRVY jeans are cut specifically for people with a larger hip-to-waist ratio (a 12 inch difference between the hips). and size, compared to the usual ten in the industry), and there’s kind of a contour stitching situation in the waistband that I don’t quite understand, but it does some really important things for the waistline and buttocks. I’ve never, ever owned jeans that don’t have a space in the back, but these fit perfectly right out of the box. I shot this first pair (Vintage high waist straight jeans CRVY in “dark indigo”) and immediately ordered a second (CRVY Georgine mom jeans in “faded indigo”). When they arrived they fit perfectly too. Is this what Kate Moss looks like?

Often times when jeans are specifically marketed for more curvy bodies, you are looking for glorified jeggings with a super skinny fit, a limited range of washes and turbo stretch Equipment. CRVY jeans are stretchy enough to be comfortable, but denim is stiff enough to provide high-quality support and a vintage feel. There is also a wide range of fits, washes and styles including fits, dungarees and a 70s style zip up jumpsuit that haunts my dreams in a good way. While not the cheapest jeans possible (a pair will set you back between $ 78 and $ 168), I think I save myself the cost of tailoring, as well as hours of research. And, honestly, the feeling of wearing jeans that adjust worth a lot to me. Am I writing this article specifically to finance the acquisition of a pair of CRVY unstructured straight jeans? Yes. Do I also have my eye on these Short day camp in “pine”? Yes again.

If I look like an evangelist, it’s because I feel converted. I know these jeans won’t solve everyone’s denim buying problems (on the one hand, they have to start offering a size over 35 to really represent the ‘CRVY’ demographics), but they do, like me. , you’re languishing in the wasteland of mid-rise fashion or struggling to find a pair of ‘loose fit’, straight-waisted denim that is, well, really loose… this might be the day your prayers are answered.

Vintage high-waisted straight jeans CRVY
Jean Mom Georgine CRVY

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