Focus on banking, multiplex, retail, liquor stocks, says Ajay Srivastava

In this special coverage of the election, CNBC-TV18 spoke with Ajay Srivastava, CEO of Dimensions Corporate Fin Svcs, about the impact of the results on market developments.

Srivastava said: “If you ask me personally, apart from today’s relief rally, it’s a great boost because we believe that economic policy will and should be consumption-oriented rather than plans. five-year investment plans, which are outdated, it could be a policy difference, but I think it will happen, and it’s good for the markets.

On stock picking, he said, “One, which we took over last week, was banking, we were almost zero in banking, we came back into banking, because the big names from banking, that’s a very clear segment that we have In all the sectors that are opening up, I think we’ve added a position to that, whether it’s multiplex businesses, whether it’s retail businesses , whether it’s fashion where business, you know, we’ve added a position. So we really focus on the opening segment of the economy.

He added, “Whether we’re talking about multiplex companies, whether we’re talking about retail companies, whether we’re dealing with a fad where all of them have coalesced into just three or four players. All industries are consolidation games, retail, fashion, multiplex, alcohol, these are the four big segments of the economy, which are going to be the openings, right now.

For a full interview, watch the accompanying video.

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