Fauré La Page opened its first store in the Middle East

French luxury brand, Fauré La Page, has just announced the opening of its first boutique in the Middle East, which debuts at Fashion Avenue in the Dubai Mall.

Integrating seamlessly among Fashion Avenue’s other high-end brands, the flagship store’s storefront pays homage to Moucharaby’s traditional latticework with Fauré La Page’s signature etched scale pattern, while revamped interiors showcase the vision brand for the future. The boutique offers an immersive visual experience and invites connoisseurs to take part in the universe of Fauré Le Page and his heritage.

“Gainsborough Group is proud to have Faure Le Page in the Middle East in its retail division. We are delighted to be the brand’s exclusive partner and look forward to being part of their story,” read a statement from the Gainsborough Group.

True to its slogan “Armed for Seduction”, the luxury house cultivates the effect of surprise through its product offerings. The best-selling Daily Battle tote, the Caliber and Saga permanent collections take pride of place in this new shopper’s paradise, with launches joining their ranks to arm you in the city or the desert.

In 2009, a French family passionate about art and history bought the Fauré Le Page brand. Since then, he has been feverishly collecting the archives of this great name in French heritage. 2012 marked the break with its glorious past as a gunsmith and supplier to kings and princes when the House moved to 21, rue Cambon in Paris.

Under his new banner bearing the motto “Armed for seduction”, Fauré Le Page turned the battlefield upside down. Previously in the production of firearms, the reinvented accessories brand has adopted the know-how of hunting leather craftsmen to produce seductive weapons for everyone. A symbol of power and seduction, the scale pattern personalizes the contemporary creations of Fauré Le Page.

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