Fashion and shoe blogger has a huge collection of ‘unusual’ shoes


A woman’s eclectic collection of unusual shoes has taken TIC Tacattention.

Fashion blogger Katt hendley has spent a decade building an arsenal of over 400 pairs of totally unique shoes. It has more than 1.8 million subscribers on TIC Tac, where she delights her audience with a glimpse of the gems of her massive collection.

About 95% of his shoes are from the brand Irregular choice, which specializes in original shoes. All of Hendley’s styles are incredibly ornate and full of unconventional details.

She show some of his craziest pairs in one video. One was shaped like an octopus, another was filled with Barbie doll heads, and another pair of hot pink platform boots were covered in spiked embellishments.

Some of his others weird shoes include a cupcake themed pair, a set of disco boots with a carousel in a globe and an extra large pair of shimmering metallic platforms.


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Hendley too collects Disney princess themed shoes with Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Mulan.

Hendley most watched The video, with 24.1 million views, included his collection of Christmas shoes featuring the Grinch, ornaments, a snow globe, Santa, reindeer and other holiday motifs.

“Very good of the vibrations of an art teacher”, someone commented.

“The snow globes are huge”, another noted.

“Irregular Choice has the coolest shoes”, one person responded.

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