Fabricoz expands its Indian clothing store globally through e-commerce

Indian Dresses Collection by Fabricoz

Due to the lockdown, businesses around the world have been negatively affected by Covid. For Indian women living abroad, it has become difficult to get custom-made Indian clothes, dresses and wedding attire, especially since they cannot travel to India during this time.

Shopping for Indian dresses was usually done while traveling in India until the end of 2019. Following the lockdowns, the biggest change was that Indian women had to search online to shop. This has led to an increase in shopping for Indian clothing, with more and more women choosing to order their Indian outfits through online stores.
In line with these recent market changes, Fabricoz has identified trends and insights while highlighting the key drivers of these changes specifically tailored to the growing segment of Indian women’s fashion wear.

As part of his research, Fabricoz learned that the pandemic has also triggered the adoption of online retail around the world. Indian women living abroad were looking for more than generic, non-customized wardrobes for special occasions such as parties, weddings and festivals.

To meet the needs of this global Indian fashion trend, Fabricoz has built an unparalleled niche in the large market of Indian ethnic dresses for women around the world. In the last years of its operations, Fabricoz has captured the largest consumer base of Indians in the United States, Canada and Australia.

While other industry players took steps to cut costs and reduce their teams during shutdowns, they did the opposite and doubled down on their operations team and marketing initiatives.

They have seen the demand for Indian clothing and dresses worldwide and have aggressively grown to offer a variety of styles from traditional to modern to provide an enriched user experience. They have enabled users to customize their Indian outfits from the comfort of their homes through e-commerce technology and provide an unparalleled personalized experience. Their online store is accessible via a browser on a smartphone or computer. They released an Android app on Play Store and an iPhone app on Apple App Store for their US and Australian online stores.

They gave ease of selection and focused on customization with quality and service in mind. In recent times, they have also improved the already fast delivery standards to ensure that products are delivered within a concise time frame. Over the past few years, Fabricoz has built a reputation for providing consumers with exclusive designs of high quality brand name products.

Fabricoz is committed to promoting Indian ethnic brands and fashion wear across the world and has always believed and invested in the fashion industry. They offer a unique blend of traditional and new-age fashion wear and a wide but selective range of Sarees, Salwar, Anarkali Suits, Lehenga Cholis and Indian Jewelry, both from Indian Pakistani designers. Providing customers with 100% original brands is a core value for Fabricoz to ensure they get the best quality products available through their online clothing store.

All Indian clothing and Pakistani dresses are available in various fabrics like velvet, cotton, silk, georgette and chiffon with elaborate handwork and embroidery including Zari, beads, stone works, thread and embroidery works, etc. Fabricoz is the most reliable, easy to use and beloved Indian clothing online store for Indian and Pakistani clothing.

Fabricoz.com started 6 years ago as a start-up and is now growing faster than initially expected. In addition to making their mark worldwide, they want to grow the business to its full potential and make their products accessible to women from any part of the world. As a result, they already have a happy and satisfied customer base in over 30 countries and will continue to increase their reach.

Fabricoz’s online store is powered with state-of-the-art technology, allowing users to customize their dresses through a virtual interface and custom size forms. It allows them to choose and request the changes they want to the model photos presented to them for the products. Many of their loyal customers like to order custom plus size outfits, and some require particular lengths and linings on their dresses. Fabricoz has provided all of these options through its online store to ensure that customers can choose exactly what they want and how they want their Indian outfit to look.

The quality of service and products is well validated by excellent reviews that their customers leave online through social media and review sites. They are the pride of the Fabricoz team and are one of the key factors that motivate them to work hard and deliver high quality Indian fashion products and services to their customers in USA, Australia and globally .

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