EDIT MAHJONG is a 100% biodegradable set made from fashion waste


“The first sustainable mahjong set”

EDITECTURE collaborated with EDIT THE BRAND to create a biodegradable mahjong set made from 28% fabric scraps. the project highlights pollution caused by the fashion industry while celebrating the centuries-old game with an art installation in hong kong titled “an ode to mahjong”.

mahjong is a centuries-old tile game

give a new use to fashion waste

in addition to water consumption and CO2 emissions, the fashion industry is responsible for 92 million tonnes of waste each year. EDITECTURE reports that in Hong Kong alone, an average of 110,000 tonnes of discarded clothing is collected each year, which equates to 1,400 t-shirts per minute. with this in mind, the design studio decided to work with his in-house fashion company, CHANGE THE BRAND, to find another use for these fabric scraps.

the team collected all the waste fabrics that had been discarded for various reasons such as quality control and pattern cutting. they then sorted all the material collected based on the color and design aesthetic of each mahjong game. the offcuts were then shredded further and fused with 100% biodegradable materials before being molded together to create the exclusive mahjong tiles. so far, 30 kg of tissue waste has been recycled.

first sustainable mahjong 3
view of the installation “an ode to mahjong” in hong kong

an ode to mahjong

EDITECTURE and EDIT THE BRAND not only made this new mahjong set, but they also celebrated the game with a facility in Hong Kong. with table and chairs, “an ode to mahjong” captures the moments of joy and friendly chatter that go hand in hand with the game and that have been passed down from generation to generation.

the installation also pays homage to the craftsmanship of traditional mahjong tiles. mahjong tile carving is now a rare profession, with many masters of the craft retiring or believing their role will soon be made redundant by technological advancements, ‘ says EDITECTURE. “The ode to mahjong pays tribute to the know-how of these masters who have dedicated their lives to preserving the craft, the beauty and the culture of the game.”

first sustainable mahjong 4
custom handmade wooden chest

EDIT MAHJONG is a 100% biodegradable set made from fashion waste
the wooden box pays homage to traditional Chinese dressers

EDIT MAHJONG is a 100% biodegradable set made from fashion waste
the EDIT MAHJONG set is 100% biodegradable

project info:

Name: EDIT MAHJONG – an ode to mahjong
design: EDITING

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edited by: lynne myers | design boom

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