Earth911 Podcast: Shannon Lohr on Creating a Responsible and Transparent Fashion Industry

Shannon Lohr, founder of Factory45 sits down with Mitch Ratcliffe from Earth911 to talk about transparency in fashion labeling. Fashion is one of the most environmentally damaging industries on the planet, as it has focused on delivering “fast”, short-lived products designed to be worn a few times and thrown away. Factory45 has worked with over 500 sustainable fashion entrepreneurs to develop a responsible textile and clothing industry. Her blog, podcast, and free and paid fashion startup tools are a great resource for understanding the environmental impact of traditional fashion and the potential for a low or no carbon future for fashion.

Shannon Lohr, founder of Factory45, is our guest on Sustainability in your ear.

Shannon covers a wide range of topics from microplastics lost through recycled rayon and other plastic-based textiles to the challenges of growing an eco-friendly fashion business and useful labels to look for when shopping. purchase. Her too shares several new materials that caught his attention, including Qmilch, a textile made from spoiled milk, and S. Cafe. Learn more about Shannon and Factory45 on

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