Dr Barbara Sturm, Sally Singer and Kate Hudson hosted a summer party at the Shou Sugi Ban house

At the Shou Sugi Ban house in Water Mill, fashion and beauty designers gathered on Thursday evening to celebrate the launch of the Dr. Barbara Sturm storefront on Amazon, through her luxury boutiques. The property’s serenity allowed guests to enjoy quiet moments, but the evening had a lot to offer and Sturm’s sparkly Oscar de la Renta mini dress was just the beginning.

Attendees were welcomed by Sturm, Sally Singer (the vogue alum-turned-CEO of fashion at Amazon), and Kate Hudson at a cocktail hour in the backyard. The event welcomed a carefully curated group of people dear to the hosts: Stella McCartney, Aurora James, Laura Kim, Cynthia Rowley and Katie Couric, to name a few.

For Sturm, time is the ultimate luxury; it operates with the idea that anyone should be able to incorporate wellness into their lifestyle – and so Amazon’s universality only reinforces that ethos. “I always have my patients’ interests at heart,” says Sturm vogue. “So the ultimate service for my patients is accessibility.” Additionally, beyond the products now available through Amazon, Sturm has created educational content through Alexa’s virtual assistant technology that will help inform customers’ skincare regimens and treatments. (Just say “Alexa, open Dr. Barbara Sturm” to get started.)

“This partnership is an absolute dream,” Singer notes of luxury stores from Amazon’s perspective. “I think at the time I arrived we only wanted to work with Sturm.” She explains the idea that customers should be able to quickly and efficiently restock the items they love, wherever they are.

As the sun set, attendees took to a cobbled path for an idyllic candlelit dinner seated by the pool. Guests like Sofia Hublitz, Tabitha Simmons and Pritika Swarup sampled and dined on a menu of anti-inflammatory selections curated by Chef Mads Refslund, from striped bass to endive salad and mushroom escabeche. Halfway through, Sturm and Singer rose to offer cheers, thanking guests for not only attending the dinner, but for their support of both brands. In conclusion, Sturm couldn’t wait for the party to begin. “Well done, everyone! Have another drink ’cause we’re gonna dance! she reflected. And with that, guests mingled and danced the night away to a selection of catchy tunes performed by Zuri Marley.

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