Don’t Let Online Loans Fool You: Baznas

Do not be tempted by (online) credit on the web. Getting credit is easy, but paying back it is difficult

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Agency Amil Zakat (Baznas) has urged people not to be so easily influenced by online loan applications, which make the problem worse given their high interest rates.

“Don’t be so easily seduced by (online) loans on the Internet. (Getting a loan is easy, but repaying it is difficult, ”said the vice chairman of Baznas Mo Mahdum here on Monday.

Mahdum has called on people to turn to Baznas if they need urgent help or if it is an emergency as the agency is an official government agency that specifically collects, manages and distributes zakat.

The funds raised are then distributed to various programs, for both emergency and productive programs. He cited emergency programs as an example, ranging from medical assistance to basic needs and education.

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On the other hand, productive programs are designed to provide capital support to micro and small businesses, build public facilities, and collaborate with ranchers and plantations.

He reiterated that the productive programs aim to help them develop while meeting their basic needs.

Mahdum noted that those in need could contact Baznas directly or visit the agency’s locations in their respective areas directly. Officials will conduct a review to ensure that the people to be supported are who really need them and meet the criteria.

“People who need help can turn to us. Later we will check whether they are really poor. If he wants to borrow money, we have to know what the borrowed money is for,” he said.

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Baznas is keen that the people who have been helped are strengthened economically so that they can become muzaki (zakat givers) in the long term. Therefore, the empowerment programs will be continued continuously.

“The crucial point is that we can offer strategic programs. (We want to build a kind of) mentality that not only consists of remaining Zakat recipients (as) Zakat recipients, but also (as) Zakat recipients in the future. Giver to grow, ”observed Mahdum.

He encouraged the public to put some of their assets aside, as the value of the benefits provided, when collected, will be great as they will be diverted into various strategic programs.

“We are here to help people in need. We pay zakat formally. We can develop strategic programs that have a measurable impact, ”he added.

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