Discover a passion for fashion in our fashion merchandising and design program


JCCC’s Fashion Merchandising and Design program prepares students for careers in the fashion industry.

Fashion is the perfect blend of art and commerce. In JCCC’s Fashion Merchandising and Design program, students learn to combine their creativity and business interests for a career in the global fashion industry.

Program details

Fashion merchandising and design students develop an appreciation for style and quality while learning to navigate an ever-changing marketplace. Our program prepares students for careers in retail management, retail sales, clothing design, illustration, and market representative positions.

Classes are taught by experienced instructors using the latest technology, including product lifecycle management (PLM) software. JCCC is one of the few clothing design programs in the country to integrate this platform into our curriculum!

We offer three diploma or certificate options:

  • Apparel Design and Technology, AAS – Learn how to take a design throughout the creation process, from concept to production. Students will develop a collection of original designs to add to their portfolio.
  • Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, AAS – Students will study the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and buying to promotion and sales, while developing both their creative skills and analytical problem-solving abilities.
  • Visual merchandising certificate – This option teaches the importance of visual merchandising and its impact on the success of the retailer. Students will learn how to create effective visual displays to increase retail sales.
Visual Merchandising students created campus storefronts to draw attention to waste in the fashion industry.

Extracurricular experiences

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom are an important part of the college experience. For example, students in this semester’s Visual Merchandising course created campus showcases inspired by a presentation on “Fast Fashion and Sustainability”. The displays feature recycled clothing to help highlight waste in the fashion industry and ways to promote sustainable alternatives.

Students can always take inspiration from JCCC’s 1,600 coin FMD Historic Fashion Collection, with clothing that dates back to the 1850s. The collection highlights the history of fashion, prominent Kansas City women, and the art of clothing design over the years.

JCCC’s annual fashion show offers students the opportunity to showcase their original designs and network with industry professionals. All proceeds go directly to fashion merchandising and design student scholarships.

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