Diablo Valley student turned model after visit to fashion show


You never know which direction your life will go – even while reading a newspaper, which brought Sarah Gullixson into high fashion modeling.

“It all started when my dad was reading the Contra Costa Times newspaper on a Sunday morning and saw that there was a fashion show in Mountain View that was open to the public later that day,” said Gullixson, 22. , who lives in Contra Costa. County.

For the past eight years, Sarah Gullixson, 22, a graduate of Carondelet High School in Concord, has posed in Italy, France, Australia, Germany and New York and is now featured as a high fashion model. (photo courtesy of Kylie W. Shaw)

She was 14 when her father saw the newspaper, and her mother took her with Gullixson’s friend Sasha Manus and drove them to Mountain View. Gullixson will never forget how it went from there.

“When I walked into the show, I was quickly mistaken for one of the late models,” Gullixson said. Also, (another Bay Area model) Adair Howell was questioned, as she stood in line to walk down the runway, why her ‘sister’ was late for the fashion show. No sister! At the end of the fashion show, I was there with my mom talking to a Vogue editor and Howell about why they thought I should be a model.

Over the past eight years, Gullixson, a graduate of Carondelet High School in Concord and now majoring in communications at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, has since modeled in Italy, France, Australia, Germany and New York and is now presented as a high fashion mannequin. model.

Gullixson is also very successful on social media, with 700,000 subscribers on TikTok alone. (photo courtesy of Sandy Goldstein)

“I have been fortunate enough to honor the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel and InStyle,” she said. “I have also modeled makeup brands Ulta, Maybelline, Covergirl, Morphe and Fenty.

If all that weren’t impressive enough, Gullixson is also hugely successful on social media, with 700,000 followers on TikTok alone. The increase in the number of followers happened by chance. Living in New York and modeling full-time before the pandemic, she said news spread of a COVID-19 outbreak at Milan Fashion Week, just after New York Fashion Week ended.

“I canceled my trip to Milan,” Gullixson said. “I tried to stay in New York, but quickly everyone in Manhattan realized that there was not enough food in Manhattan because so many people were eating in restaurants rather than cooking at home. home, so I went back to California. “

Once locked in, she downloaded TikTok to chase away the boredom and started sharing modeling journey stories on the app.

“One of my first viral videos was a video I made when I went to the CVS pharmacy to buy makeup and went to the Covergirl section,” she said. “I was trying to find a shade of concealer that matched my skin and accidentally found a pic of myself posing for Covergirl ‘fair’ concealer. The whole encounter was so hilarious that I documented it on my TikTok account, and it got 1.8 million views on the video.

Along with a healthy diet, Gullixson stays in shape by doing plenty of cardio, Pilates, and barre classes. (photo courtesy of Faran Najafi)

Measuring 5 feet, 9.5 inches, Gullixson weighs 117 pounds, wears sizes 0-2 and said the modeling industry has changed their weight and height requirements in recent years.

“When I started modeling, models had to keep specific measurements to keep their jobs. However, nowadays models are encouraged to maintain a healthy weight for their unique body type, ”she said. “I hope the fashion industry will continue to move in this direction, releasing various models of all shapes and sizes to document various types of beauty.”

Elaborating, she added, “The tendency to present models of all shapes and sizes contributes to the betterment of society as a whole. It is extremely important for people to see diverse beauty both in fashion magazines and in advertising. “

Gullixson learned to eat healthy when she started modeling, with the help of Bay Area nutritionist Manuel Villacorta, who her parents hired.

“Manuel helped me learn to eat healthy foods to be in the best shape possible,” Gullixson said. “My family was so successful with Manuel that when my younger brother went to college, Manuel taught him to eat healthy while living in a dorm.”

Along with a healthy diet, Gullixson stays in shape by doing plenty of cardio, Pilates, and barre classes.

“I find that a combination of the three classes gives me the best mind-body connection,” she said. “Before Fashion Week I usually take a few hot yoga classes to help me stay zen before the Fashion Week craze.”

Gullixson’s parents couldn’t be prouder of their daughter.

“We are very proud of her and her accomplishments. Modeling was something Sarah wanted to do growing up, and we didn’t let her do it until she got into high school, ”said her mother, Susan Dittmann. “I think the key to Sarah’s success is that she works really hard, sets goals for herself and fearlessly pursues those goals and is a kind person. As a parent, it’s wonderful to watch her achieve her goals.

Thinking back to one of his most memorable shoots, Gullixson recalls a shoot his boyfriend Steven Shields shot in Tucson, Arizona, with his 2021 Porsche 718 Spyder.

“As I was posing in the car, Steven informed me that there was a huge lynx walking behind the car. He asked me to ‘stay calm and keep posing,’ ”she said. “I was a little nervous because I’m not used to posing with exotic animals, but the side of the Porsche was really high so I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t think the bobcat was big enough to jump into the passenger seat. At the end of the photoshoot, we realized that after eight years of modeling, my boyfriend had potentially taken one of the best photos of me out of over 500 photo shoots.

Gullixson can be followed on TikTok @sarahgullix or Instagram @sarahgullixson.

Charleen earley is a freelance writer and journalism professor at Foothill and Diablo Valley Colleges. Contact her at charleenbearley@gmail.com or 925-383-3072.

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