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Devonport Taking Shape store manager Tanya Bessell is beaming. The Devonport store buzzes as people discuss clothing and women who may have a hard time finding suitable clothing in some stores have a choice of shelves to choose from. Since the store opened three months ago, Ms Bessell said 400 new customers have signed up, exceeding expectations. Taking Shape’s general manager of retail operations, Jo Newman, said there had been an “overwhelming” response to the opening of a store by the plus size clothing retailer in the shopping center of Rooke Street. Ask a person skilled in the “plus size” clothing industry who loves fashion, and they’ll tell you how disappointing and out-of-the-box clothing shopping can be. However, designers and retailers who seemed to ignore the average size of women’s clothing of around 16, rejecting a large number of potential buyers, took notice because it pays. Just visit the Taking Shape store to see the answer with supporting sales. Ms Newman said the company feels confident to open the Devonport store based on customer data despite the closure of other clothing stores. Taking Shape moved to the site where Millers was located in Devonport. “We do extensive research when researching potential sites for our brand. Our rich customer data helps us narrow down areas of interest,” said Ms. Newman. IN OTHER NEWS “Our Launceston store had been visiting Devonport for a few years and had pop-up shops, so we knew there was a group of dedicated customers in the area. The store opening created four retail jobs. “Our Store Manager is an experienced member of the Taking Shape team who previously worked for us in Sydney before moving to his home in Devonport,” said Ms. Newman. When Ms Bessell returned to Devonport four years ago she said she saw a lot of empty stores but that is about to change. “Some people have complained about the Living City project, and there is only one problem. They should have done it 20 years ago,” she said. “I believe Devonport is going to explode. When done, it’s going to be amazing.” Ms Newman said the Devonport store had “exceeded our expectations since our opening.” “We cannot thank the Devonport community enough for their generous support. The overwhelming feedback from customers has been positive.” Ms Bessell said: “Our customers are so happy that we came to Devonport.” “The clothes are beautifully designed and stylish for curvy girls,” she said. “We always want to look lovely too.” Having a long career in retail, Ms Bessell said she wanted to work in a place where she felt capable. “We are a tribe taking shape,” she said. Ms Newman said retail trends show that customers want to shop in-store and online. “Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen customers shop online and in-store,” she said. “We believe in combining the extensive line offered by the online store with exceptional personalized service offered by our in-store trained stylist, providing our customers with the best of both worlds.” What do you think ? share your opinion


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