Collaboration between global RMG manufacturers and buyers is needed

Global and local trade experts on Monday called for effective collaboration between global apparel manufacturers and buyers for a successful transformation of the industry towards sustainability.

At the 37th World Fashion Convention 2022 hosted by the International Apparel Federation at the Radisson Blu Dhaka, they stated that without the adoption of sustainable technology, garment exports to the European Union will be affected after 2030 by because of the EU Green Deal.

Dirk Vantyghem, chief executive of EURATEX, the European Clothing and Textile Confederation, said the new EU strategy set out the vision and concrete actions to ensure that by 2030 textile products on the EU market would be durable and recyclable. , made as much as possible from recycled fibers, free of hazardous substances and produced with respect for social rights and the environment.

Dirk urged everyone to work together to build a sustainable global textile and fashion industry.

International Apparel Federation President Cem Atlan said true collaboration between apparel buyers and manufacturers could address key challenges facing the global apparel industry and bring about successful transformation. of its supply chain.

IAF president says apparel makers are feeling pressure from rising costs and falling demands, while new rounds of order cancellations, full warehouses and steep discounts show inefficiency of the global textile and apparel industry.

“We realize that we need to come together as an industry to solve our problems. The key challenges in our industry today can only realistically be addressed when there is true collaboration between buyers and manufacturers,” said Atlan.

“To deal with the issue of sustainability, we need to adopt several strategies, one of the crucial strategies of which is to improve efficiency through technological innovation. For this, we need to focus on developing and adopting skills with the 4IR. Faruque Hassain, President of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

He said the industry had undergone a massive transformation to ensure workplace safety, worker well-being and sustainability over the past decade.

Abdullah Al Maher, Managing Director of Asrotex Group, said the supply chain situation had been huge and more difficult than the Covid period.

He said manufacturers were being asked to delay shipments, adapt to changes, etc.

Roger Hubert, chief executive of the RMG Sustainability Council, said the way of doing business should change to create better supply chains.

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