City Life Org – Von Dutch launches the next chapter in fashion with Luxury Collection, Von Dutch Paris

The iconic clothing brand enters a new era with a collection of high-end clothing and accessories

Hollywood heritage brand, Von Dutch enters its next chapter with a premium line of clothing and accessories, Von Dutch Paris. This collection gives a new meaning to haute couture and is the iconic brand’s first introduction into the luxury designer space. Made famous by the biggest celebrities in the 2000s era, Von Dutch is back and more popular than ever with unique high end styles and cutting edge designs.

Von Dutch Paris embraces the fluidity of street culture while setting a new standard in clothing by marrying fine fabrics and handcrafted finishes with innovative, fashion-forward designs and ultra-flattering fits. The unisex and sexy collection will consist of a line of reimagined streetwear staples that includes bold graphics, tees, premium denim garments and “sporty tailoring” pieces including tracksuits, sets of hoodies and joggers, sports jerseys and down jackets. The Von Dutch Paris line also introduces new concepts for the brand like goggles, boots and elevated accessories.

This premium line has been carefully crafted and curated in their Paris, France-based design studio, where the brand harnesses the country’s history and craftsmanship while offering a global perspective in terms of design and trends. In addition to the brand’s ready-to-wear collection and its legendary impact in the fashion world, the designers at Von Dutch Paris designed this line with a clear vision and understanding of how clothes are worn and the artistic expression of haute couture.

“This collection is designed to bring Von Dutch into the luxury space and reintroduce the brand in a way never seen before,” said Earl Pickens, Creative Director of Von Dutch Paris. “We worked together to create a line of clothing and accessories with a Franco-American connection that also challenges the norms of today’s high-end fashion industry.”

This unisex line is made up of lightweight and unique leather garments, ranging from hoodies and t-shirts to pants and shorts, as well as premium denim jackets and jeans. The infamous Von Dutch bowling bags have also been enhanced with luxury materials and cutting-edge designs like the incorporation of stones and feathers on the accessories. Von Dutch Paris is the start of a new chapter for the brand and ushers in a new era of fashion in the industry.

The Von Dutch Paris line is available for purchase exclusively on

About Von Dutch

Von Dutch is a fashion brand created in the early 2000s and led by the famous French designer Christian Audigier. The iconic Hollywood brand has been a fixture in pop culture and the music scene for over 15 years. Since its launch, Von Dutch has exploded into the fashion world and become one of the most sought after and recognizable brands of its time. Von Dutch continues to be one of the most influential brands that has stood the test of time. For more information, visit

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